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i found out today that i passed my blood glucose test – no gestational diabetes this time around!!!!! bounce bounce bounce bounce i am soooooo thrilled about this…i was really worried i would have it again. i think that i have the biggest loser to thank (remember, i did it with online friends?)! 5-6 months post partum, i was 170. my official weight for starting the biggest loser was 167. and here i am, with a bit over 2 and a half months left of my pregnancy, and i’m just now 165!!!! this is a total miracle, and i’m SURE this weight change has everything to do with not having GD this time around. Mr. Green i am just soooooo incredibly thankful… what a HUGE weight off my mind and heart!!!!!

the other yippee – i got to meet sweet katrina, an online friend, and her dear family today!! we met at chic-fil-a. my boys ADORED her girls. and i think it was mutual. lol. we had such pleasant fellowship – the conversation was so natural, like we’d known each other forever. even when we had silent moments, it didn’t feel awkward at all (at least not to me!). her dear hubby watched the kids for much of the time so that we could chat (he’s a great guy!!!). it was such a blessing to meet her, and i hope we get to visit again soon! Smile

oh, check out the new ticker for jamin on the sidebar. if you click the dates, it will show you different things – like time passed and time left to go, etc. it’s super cool!

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  1. rockingranola

    Oh, Jenn, Hooray! I’m so glad you passed and don’t have to go down that road again – what blessed news! 🙂

  2. Rob

    Congratulations from someone who wishes he had the gestational form of diabetes…for a number of reasons.

  3. Julie

    I’m glad you don’t have GD this time! Yay! That’s something I don’t think I could have dealed with. *lol*

  4. amyjo

    That’s great news! One less thing to worry about! Now you can just concentrate on those boys! Have a great Tuesday!

  5. Jen

    yay for no GD! that 3 hour test is a PAIN! that’s neat that you got to meet an online friend. i wish we lived closer. i’m sure adriana and jer/josiah would have fun playing!

  6. Jessica

    So glad there’s no GD to worry about this time!
    Wow, that’s ironic – I met an online friend that very day. She came to visit for the weekend, and the very first place we went was Chick-Fil-A. 🙂

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