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sorry for the long absence again, and sorry for the hasty new layout topper. i’m working on something nifty but for now that will do. they are pretty recent pics. 🙂

still no news on the other thing. 😕 i am due to start on wednesday, so i’ll wait. i was going to test tomorrow, which is our 8th anniversary, but i decided to wait until wednesday to be sure. i’m pretty sure i’m not pregnant. sigh. oh well there’s always this month, right?

i can’t believe we’ve been married 8 years. i mean, that’s almost TEN years!!!! it seems like we’ve been together my whole life! i can’t imagine me without him. i love jerry more now than i did on that lovely autumn day. we have grown closer than anyone can. close enough to be horrible to each other and still be madly in love. close enough to put up with each other’s crap, and also close enough to know when not to take each other’s crap. lol. we drive each other crazy, and i love that. kind of like the couple in the notebook. 😉 he is the best father in the entire world. i love watching him with the boys, or even eavesdropping on them with the monitor. 😉 he is so much fun, so sweet, so patient, and so loving with his boys. and he’s thankful for them. he never goes a day without telling them they are blessings from God. he never goes a day without telling me they are miracles. i love you, my precious bear!!!
in case you missed it, the blog has moved again. it’s now on my store server. we just couldn’t handle all the closings and stalling going on with the other host. 🙁

if you are planning on me doing your holiday cards, will you let me know? i want to know an approx. of how many i will be doing for Christmas so i can know how much time i have for other customers.

are you watching any of the new shows? our favorite can’t-misses are jericho and heroes. love them! jerry also really likes stark. i can’t remember all the others…lost’s new season is as good as ever! gotta love that show.

we saw the notebook the other day. if you haven’t seen it, you should. it’s one of the best movies i’ve ever seen in my life.

i have been reading books again! i was given some books and also bought a few at a sale. Christian fiction-romance. set in the old west usually. i’m going to read them and then sell them probably. lol. we need money so badly it hurts right now. would it be tacky to have a fall garage sale??

i have done a few digiscrap layouts lately! i’m trying out for’s creative team. i am praying i make it. i made it past the first round but this round will be much harder!!! care to see what i’ve been working on?

i hope everyone is doing well. i think of you all and pray for you often. i am sorry i haven’t been by as much as i used to. 🙁 i miss everyone a lot!!

i love you, and may God bless you!

ETA: happy anniversary to jerry: i started my period. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Wow.”

  1. Hello Sweet Girl!!

    I have so enjoyed looking at these layouts! HOW PRECIOUS!! You make looking at pictures SO MUCH FUN.. and to me, looking at pictures is already fun! 🙂 Ooooh, that little Josiah is getting cuter and cuter and cuter! He is such a sweetie! I could just grab him up and kiss him to pieces – he’s so sweet and always has the most humble and loving expressions on his face! He’s a sweetheart! Jeremiah is the cat’s meow as well!! : ) He’s always been a cutie pie! They are really growing and they look so cute together! FUN FUN!!

    I haven’t been doing much visiting online myself, lately. Just don’t have the same time on here that I used to. I guess everything goes in spells, in seasons. Right now other things occupy the time. That’s ok. But like you, I often think about my sweet friends online. We’re still connected by hearts that care for one another.

    It’s good to know that while we are going about our daily chores someone is thinking of us, and smiling at the thought! Right now, I am thinking of you and what you may be doing.. little boys are waking, and eating, and playing – their day has begun.. a new day of LIFE and love! Live it well!

    I’m in the money stew-pot as well.. but you know what – I am sick of it ruining my joy, spoiling LIFE. I’m just not gonna think about it today! 🙂

    Ya’ll be good!! Kiss my babies for me! 🙂

  2. You know how much I love the layouts! I’m sure you stand a good chance at Gotta Pixel. :mrgreen: Wouldn’t it be cool if we both won!

    I’m sorry you started your cycle. 😥 Wouldn’t it be cool if we both got pregnant in October?!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

    Love you!

  3. Jenn ~ count me in on being pregnant at the same time!? PRAYING!!! At least you’re HAVING a cycle! *sigh* Love, love, LOVE the pics!!!! Especially the nudie boodie and yogurt pics!! Too funny!!! Keep ’em coming! Love ya!! 🙂 🙂

  4. As far as Jericho goes… you cannot see the mountains from Kansas. You can barely see Pikes Peak from 20 miles outside of Limon, Co! I thought that was funny.

  5. These are so much fun to look at! 😀 Happy belated anniversary – God is good.
    I’ve been watching Heroes. Good stuff! And no, a fall garage sale wouldn’t be tacky. 😉 Our whole neighborhood had one.

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