Wow, what a nice IV!

i’m back from the hospital. i had a normal checkup but the dr thought it would be best to put me on an iv drip and give me some zofran in the hospital.

i feel better than i have in over 2 weeks! i actually laughed and tickled the boys when i got home! the first thing jeremiah said when i came home was “mama, are you all bettered?” because he knew i was going to the dr who was supposed to make me feel better. isn’t he sweet? he has been such a sweetie, trying to help me feel better and offer me things, etc.

currently my mom is trying to pick up some GENERIC zofran – yes, they are supposed to have the generic kind now!!!

i just can’t believe how bad i felt, and how good i feel now, comparitively!!

unfortunately it took three people to get my blood tests. two did three sticks and one did just one. wow that’s painful. trying to find my vein for the iv was hard too. my veins are unusually small, then factor in dehydration, and wow, they’re almost nonexistant!!

but anyway thanks for all who have been praying! please continue to keep me and baby j-bug in your prayers.

one thing is fairly certain. this will be my last pregnancy unless the Lord majorly changes mine and jerry’s hearts and minds on the matter. i don’t think we’ll do anything permanent to prevent future pregnancies, but i know it is not fair to do this any more. this makes the pregnancy even more bittersweet than before. my last baby.

7 thoughts on “Wow, what a nice IV!

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better!!! I hope it lasts! Was your mom able to find the generic for zofran? I remember what a time you had of it last time, trying to get the money together to get the rx… That stuff must be spendy.

    I hear you on the IV/blood tests. I have really small veins too (I think it’s because I don’t really drink water), and I always get poked a multitude of times… So not fun! I feel your pain!

    Take care!
    Love you!


  2. Wow what an ordeal you had! Hope you are feeling better now! I didn’t get the zofran 🙁 they gave me phenergern.

    Get some rest and take good care of you and baby!

  3. I wish that a generic Zofran had been out when I was pregnant with Trey. I don’t know how I managed not to get dehydrated when I was pregnant with him. My doctor gave me phenergan with worked but that’s just because it knocked me out.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better though. ((hugs))

  4. So glad to hear you’re feeling better now – but I’ll keep praying for you and J-Bug (and the rest of the family).

  5. I’m glad you are feeling better! I hope it continues! Was your mom able to get the medicine! I hope the rest of our pregnancy will be smooth sailing! I’ve been praying for you! Will you be finding out the gender of this one too! I hope you also will get your little girl! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!


  6. Jenn,

    Just wanted to let you know that my domain is down… Which means my Email is down. Ack!… Remind me to switch to a new Email provider! 😆

    I think it’s because there is a messup with the domain renewal. It’s happened to me before, and last time my site was down for 3 days. (ack!) I have gone to iPowerweb and sent them a message about it…

    Anyway, for now you can use if you want to get a hold of me. 🙂

    Oh… I uploaded 3 layouts for Jen’s creative team. I used her Bandana Blues kit, and am *very* Happy with how they turned out. You should check out that kit from Jen!

    Hope you’re still feeling better… I’m going to go pout about my domain. (No Emails all day! :cry:)

    Love you!

  7. OH my GOODNESS!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS, JENN!!!! Triply blessed 🙂 Oh, how wonderful, mama! This just totally makes my day to find our your pregnant again 🙂 (and, wow, where have I been? I can’t believe I missed this awesome news)

    So sorry that you’ve not been feeling well (( hugs )) Will be praying for you, mama!

    Best Wishes!

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