Win $300 of free dairy products!

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from horizon organic
sign up here at 5 minutes for mom!

we would love to be able to afford organic, so this would be an amazing thing to win!!!

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  1. Julie

    Really? The word “organic” usually scares me away! *rofl*

  2. Lynn

    Hey Jenn girl!
    I haven’t been out visiting in a while now – real life is overwhelming in recent months. But I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to drop by for a little visit to see how you’ve been doing. Wow! Can’t believe you are only a few weeks away from delivery now! COOL!! I can’t wait to see Jamin! 🙂 I took the time to read back several posts so I could get caught up with you – I’ll try to be more regular! Ya’ll take care and know you are in my thoughts and prayers far more often than you know!

  3. Carol

    I hope you win. So far all the organic foods I’ve tried have a weird taste. Probably just me.

    Anyway I have the wrong link to your site on my blog. Please let me know how you would like me to link it now. I remember the last time you had it set different since things were passworded. Thanks.

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