Why My Kids Don’t Run Our Home :: Parenting Tip Number Eighteen

Why My Kids Don’t Run Our Home :: Parenting Tip Number Eighteen

You will notice that some of these posts overlap. This one is very similar to #5, but I’m coming from a different angle.

Our children are a blessing, and we are thankful to have them.

It is a really good thing to do special things for them, and allow them to do special things.

It is okay to watch their favorite movie, instead of our own.

It is okay to plan a meal that a particular child really likes, even if we don’t care for it.

There are times when we will do something that is inconvenient for us, just to please our child.

As I have said before, we should say yes” to our kids when we can.

But, the children should not “run the household.” They should not be the center of the family, much less the universe. God is the center of the family (and the universe!), with Dad and Mom doing their best to carry out His will for the family. We do our children no favors when everything in life revolves around them.

Meal times, bedtime and the rest of our schedule, should really revolve around what works best for Dad and Mom.

Where we attend church is Dad and Mom’s decision.

How we spend the majority of our time is up to Dad and Mom.

Who we choose to fellowship with is up to Mom and Dad.

How we spend our money is Dad and Mom’s choice. This is not selfishness on the parents’ part. Quite the contrary. It would be selfish of us to have let our children grow up thinking everything is all about them.

We have all been around adults, old and young, who feel entitled and who get bitter and angry when things don’t go exactly their way. They are not pleasant people to be around.

We do not want to contribute to our children becoming this way.

We need to help our children understand that life is ALL about God.

Everything we do and say, should revolve around what would most honor God. And the best way to instill this in our children is to help them yield to our authority from the time they are young. This will ultimately teach them to yield to God’s authority.

What are your thoughts?


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