Where Have I Been?

i started my {.} again. it was EXACTLY a month after my last one! i don’t recall that EVER happening with my whacked out body! so i’m wondering if that means my cycles will be normal now??


okey dokey=hunkey dunkey, he is still working on potty training. he has his good days and bad days where that’s concerned! he is growing up so fast. he loves going to church, and sunday school. he calls it “class”. he is no longer shy all the time. sometimes now he wants to go out and meet new people. the other day, he just started saying “hi” to everyone. we were sitting down to eat, and jerry got up to get some ketchup. jeremiah started to scoot out of his chair, and i asked him where he was going. “i just wanta talk to people!” he replied in his usual animated way. i had to hold back my giggles. he is so cute that jerry and i can’t believe it sometimes. i was looking at him the other day and realized that the real word that describes him is charming. because he’s so cute but he has this adorable attractive personality that makes everyone love him. we are so incredibly blessed to have him for a son!

mooo=maaa, he has a HUGELY swollen gum where i’m hoping a tooth will come through soon. he just took the last of his amoxil today, so i’m praying his ear infection is better. his rash is almost gone, but is hanging on around his legs. his hair is really long again, and i haven’t even shown you his before/after haircut pics. i can’t believe how big he’s getting. he is so much fun! he has the cutest, sweetest, orneriest little personality! he is a real charmer and a clown too. when he finds a stuffed animal, he’ll hug it and say “awww” because that’s what we say when he hugs us. he’s so cute!! he keeps getting his legs stuck in his crib, in between the slats. ugh! he screams and cries in pain. any ideas how to stop this, or will it just keep happening until he’s in a toddler bed? he is still nursing strong. he’ll come up to me while i’m on the computer, shout “nuh!” and pull my hand away from the mouse, and pull my shirt up, so he can nurse! it is so funny but i need to start curbing it. it could become quite embarrassing in public. 😉 so far when he asks “nuh” in public, i just tell him not right now and distract him. but i don’t know if he’ll become more demanding if i don’t stop it at home. anyway he is a precious miracle and we are blessed beyond measure with him!

and yes, amazingly, i still do want another child soon. still working on jerry. 😉

we went to the zoo on monday. it was so empty! it was wonderful. they were only open until 4, so we did a speed zoo trip. it was lots of fun!

this saturday is jerry’s birthday. jeremiah and i are going to make a carrot cake, then my mom is going to watch the boys so that we can go eat chinese (jerry’s favorite, my least favorite) and go to a movie (haven’t been to one since…umm…superman first came out). then on sunday we will have birthday dinner at my mom’s house. he always wants ham and scalloped potatoes for his bday dinner. 😉

i have resigned from HK’s biggest loser. it was just taking up too much of my life. i am still trying to lose on my own tho. i am still exercising 5x a day and still trying to do weight watchers points. i have been on the computer less lately, and when i’ve been on, it’s been to work on business-related ventures. i am REALLY dedicated to make some money online. please don’t forget to check us out for Christmas gifts and cards. remember that friends and family get a 10% discount already, and i’m considering another holiday discount as well.

oh well that’s enough for now. i hope everyone is doing well, and i miss you!!!! God bless!

8 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. I’m glad you are doing well! Sounds like you’re keeping busy! I think we all are so busy right now. I know I don’t even have time to clean my house–I’m usually very tidy, but lately it’s been a disaster. I have quite the challenging class this year, so that is preoccuping any extra time I have. Share some pictures sometime! It would be nice to see how those boys have grown!

  2. We’ve been going non stop too Jenn.. our business is picking up.. and things have changed so much for us. Then add on 3 kids in afterschool activities.. most nights I feel like pulling my hair out because things are so hectic.

    I hope you are doing well.. and your business picks up.. good to here you’ve been busy…


  3. So glad to see a post and know all is well. Enjoy those boys, they grow up too fast.

  4. Glad your blog is back… Make sure you get a back-up this time!!!!

    When Alicia was Josiah’s age, she always said “Ahhh” with her babies and her stuffed animals too. Isn’t it the cutest thing?

    I’ve always described Josh and Amanda as charming too. They just have a way about them… Josh more so when he was little. He’s gotten more shy, and has grown out of the “charming” stage… But Amanda is still there full force! :mrgreen: … Too bad she can be a stinker too! 😉 (She’s a cute stinker though)

    I may look you up for another Christmas gift for Joe… Can you get those muscle shirts all year? Joe’s tank tops are all falling apart, so he’ll need some new ones for next summer… I was thinking about having the kids all get him one, as that would stock him up. 😆 … Do you think it would be dumb to have say Jared give him a shirt with just his picture, and a shirt with just Josh, etc? One from each, with their own picture? What do you think?

    Well, I guess I’ve taken up enough of your comment space! 😆 Catch ya later!

    Love you!

  5. So nice to hear all about your boys! I wondered how they were doing– I love updates. 😀 I’m so impressed that you’re still nursing Josiah. I had problems with milk supply at the same time with both babies, almost to the day, so I think maybe my body just shuts down at a certain point. I tried everything and just couldn’t keep it up. I was looking at Addie the other day and wishing we could’ve kept that up longer… it’s a special bond.

    I love you! Best of luck with the Christmas gifts and cards– maybe I can convince J to order some to send business your way (or I can put a link on my site if you want). 😀 Hugs!

  6. BOOOOO!!!!!
    I understand about the taking up too much time. That is why I dropped out of it. I just had to concentrate on some other things.
    Good to hear about your little ones. I miss you!!!

  7. Hey, girl! I’m finally back online for good! Internet access is a beautiful thing!! I had to chuckle when I read about how you want another child again. Me too!!! Bad!!! Except my cycles haven’t returned yet. Waah!! Leah’s not even considering giving up nurseing any time soon. *sigh* All in God’s timing, right?? I’ll try to get over to M.O.M. and my blog later this evening after the littles are asleep. Love ya!!

  8. You have such characters! But they both sound absolutely adorable of course. I hope the birthday went well – I keep hearing from more and more moms that’s it’s been forever since they were able to get out on a Saturday night. So hopefully y’all were really able to enjoy it and relax. 😀

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