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What’s so great about CTC Math?

Have you ever heard of it?

It’s an Australian math site that is amazing!

For years, math for my 11 year old meant tears. Lots of tears. Lots of whining, crying, balking and complaining. Hours and hours just to get through a couple pages of problems. So I looked. And looked. He cried while I tried not to go nuts.

I had been floundering with finding a good math for the boys that would help them learn and not frustrate them, trying out so many different curricula, but I finally found a winner in CTC Math, and we’ll never go back!

CTC Math is done online. There are short video lessons, in which the teacher speaks while showing the new skill on the screen. Then, they take an interactive lesson related directly to the new skill. I love that it lets them see what they have trouble on, so they can quickly go over it, then answer questions so we know they “got” it.

If they get 100% correct, they get a platinum certificate. There are also gold, silver and bronze certificates. They can re-do the lessons to correct their mistakes (the boys like to do this so they can end up with all platinum certificates).

Patrick, the founder of CTC Math, is an internationally acclaimed math teacher with more than 22 years of experience teaching. He has the very rare ability to deliver math concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way in just a few minutes.

With ten children of his own, Patrick understands very clearly the time restraints homeschooling families have in getting through everything “on the list,” and he loves and takes care of homeschoolers. This amazing program is available to homeschooling families for $118 a year. This is an affordable price when you think about what you’re getting: 118 for 12 months for up to five kids (not sure how they do the price after five kids). And the lessons go from kindergarten through Trigonometry.

I wanted to try it because it works for MY brain, and Jeremiah is just like me. So far (in the past few months) he has flourished. It’s already worth it to me! The truth is, WE LOVE IT! Jeremiah, who HATED math, loves it now, and he talks about math all the time!

It doesn’t hurt that the teacher, Patrick Murray, is Australian, so his accent makes lessons fun to listen to. 🙂

The boys love the lessons and the certificates they get. I love the email updates I get, and knowing they are retaining this, and not feeling defeated about Math.

The reason I became an affiliate is that I love the program so much, I wrote to ask if they had a referral or affiliate program, so I could share it with others. If you purchase through my link, I get a small commission to help pay for next year’s subscription. 😉

I will tell you that it’s probably better as a supplement for upper grades. Jeremiah (my oldest) is only in 5th though, so it’s still working great for us. We also sometimes do worksheets (to keep writing numbers and working out on paper for muscle memory), and we always enjoy reading Life of Fred books.

Find out more:

Now, this program’s not on the cheap side…and for good reason! It’s the best there is online. There is none better.

And Patrick is prepared to back this up with a no-hassle, 12-month, money-back guarantee.

A 12-month, family membership to CTC Math provides unlimited access for all of your children to all lessons for an entire year.

This is normally $297, but Patrick looks after homeschooling families. You get a whopping 60% discount so the price drops to just $118.80.

CTC Math specializes in providing online video tutorials which take a multi-sensory approach to learning. Endorsed by Cathy Duffy’s Top 102 Picks and The Old Schoolhouse Crew Review, the video tutorials are short and concise to help your student fully understand concepts and appreciate math in a whole new way!

The lessons are taught the traditional way, not to a “test”. If you want to be common core aligned, then this is NOT for you. CTC Math is NOT ALIGNED TO COMMON CORE!

Each one of the video tutorials are taught by internationally acclaimed teacher, Pat Murray, who is renowned for teaching math concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand way (and in only a few minutes at a time). Even students who struggled with math are getting fantastic results! And ones who were doing OK before, are now doing brilliantly.

If you’re a homechooler, then you’ll want to know what other homeschooling parents are saying about the TOP BENEFITS they’re finding with CTC Math.

-A dramatic lift in their child’s confidence and attitude in math.

-Being able to learn at their own speed. In the video tutorials they can stop and rewind the teacher, and as many times as they need to until they get it.

-Plus the teacher never gets annoyed or frustrated with them.

-Improved math results using multi-sensory methods which ensure retention.

-Detailed progress reports.

-And a whole lot less stress when it’s math time for both parents AND kids.

What’s so great about CTC Math? Imagine – the thought of math used to make my son cry, and now he talks about it, about some new thing he learned, and how he feels confident in math. That kind of change is amazing in a kid. I’d say that’s pretty great.

So, what are you waiting for? Money back guarantee. Tons of parents who have only good things to say. Kids who are actually excited about learning math. Check out CTC Math today, and I’d LOVE to hear how it goes for you and your family after you’ve tried it!

God bless,

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  1. We have been using CTC Math for two months now. I have to admit that I am not as thrilled by it as this reviewer and her is why. Also I have a very quick five year old boy. He doesn’t have trouble learning or retaining things and doesn’t require a lot of religions. That said, he finds the first grade level of this pretty unchallening. I can count the total number of mistakes he has made I two months on one hand and some of them we caused by his little sister clicking while he went to the bathroom. Th rest were data entry caused by clumsy typing. Some of the content in the first grade is covered on Seseme street. For example the measurement portion has him measuring in shoes. The next is not enough content he is going to crude right through the second grade in a couple of months. (Again he is five) Also he finds it very boring, he is not motivated by certificates, and actually prefers the free KHAN academy because it makes a little chime when he answered correctly. On the up side this program is very inexpensive. Some other programs we are considering are in the three hundred dollar range. Also, it is very easy for the parent there is no prep, no supplies and for me no teaching involved. But for us it is a temporary stop gap, while we wait for his curriculum to be delivered. I would also say that it is nice for kids who struggle with hand writing since they don’t have to write. This is in our experience a supplemental program. And maybe not the best choice for highly capable kids.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brenda!
      Every child is different. We went from paper-based math to this, so it’s great for my computer-loving boys. Things that never “clicked” for my oldest are finally clicking for him, and it’s wonderful.
      Again, thanks for your comment. 🙂

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