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What Rhymes With Reason


Tragedy ignites a group of teens on a quest to find a legendary landmark hidden in the wilderness. Together, they navigate the adventure while confronting the darkness within themselves in an attempt to find hope.

The WORLD’S favorite coming-of-age, faith-adjacent, adventure/drama is NOW available on all major digital platforms to rent and own! Watch ‘What Rhymes With Reason‘ with the whole fam today!

It’s hard to get our youth to talk about anything sometimes…

What Rhymes With Reason is carefully crafted to not only be a FUN cinematic experience but also encourage much-needed conversations surrounding faith and mental health! 

  • FUN and SAFE… This film has been carefully crafted to be a cinematic adventure, and also break down walls so we can have important mental health conversations with our kids.
  • The cinematic and entertainment value found in modern teen dramas without the glorification of wrongdoing like 13 Reasons Why, or the often cheesy or preachy moments of some faith-based films.
  • A movie from a team that produced a film that Hollywood and even other Faith filmmakers will not. YA family and “Young Group Kids” have a HUGE audience, but are undervalued and underserved by studios because overwhelmingly they believe that they won’t sell. Our approach from day 1 as a calling in our team’s life is to fill this need for this audience searching for something better!! It is a movie that provides HOPE in a dark and broken world.
  • $12.99 is a bargain!



“Love overcomes the darkness.” – Cooper Dowd, Movieguide

“A coming-of-age film every teen should see.” – Randy Tatno, Epoch Times

“A powerful resource addressing teen depression.” – Jessica Lee, Churchleaders.com

WRWR has won awards all over the world. We are just so thrilled that the film is already resonating with youth and families from so many different cultures!

Just a handful of the honors…

Best Family Film – CANNES World Film Festival, Cannes France
Best Family Film – West Bengal India
Social Impact Award – Ukraine Symbiotic Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Dubai International Cine Carnival
Best Actor – Rome Independent Film Awards


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Jerry and I were able to watch this at home. As usual, when I sat Jerry down to watch something, there was a bit of moaning. After just a few minutes, he was invested.

We both thought it was extremely well done. The directing, the acting, the story, the writing, everything was great. There were only two minor things that made it a tiny bit less enjoyable for us.

The two things we’d change: The title. We both thought it should have had something with “HOPE” in the title. What Rhymes With Reason just really didn’t say anything. I do realize the phrase was in the final note, but I still don’t think it works.

The other thing was Jesse’s fall. They could have just left it out. It looked so fake.

We are a family with several issues. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand with Autism and ADHD, and our whole family battles with all of these. I thought this was very well done, with no cheese. It was interesting, compelling, fun, and relatable.

It was a great reminder that everyone has problems. The pastor’s son didn’t have all the answers. The popular kid felt unloved. The smart kid didn’t know what to do. It was just nice to be reminded that mental health is no respecter of persons and anyone can be affected, no matter how their life looks on the outside.

I also appreciated how they showed the new number for the mental health hotline, 988, all throughout the movie.


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