What is Your Child’s Talent?

What is Your Child’s Talent?

What is your Child’s Learning Talent?

Jeremiah (almost 3):
Your child has exceptional linguistic ability. Your child could be the next president. Also, your child may be the next Dale Carnegie, Dr. Suess, or JK Rowland. Your child can hear things and remember them easily. They are often advanced readers and learn to talk quickly. They enjoy telling stories. They learn other languages easily. They can generalize how their language is put together in written and spoken form readily.

Some good activities for your child are as follows: Word games such as scrabble, crossword puzzles, anagrams, spelling games and most of all, reading. Your child will probably start writing at a young age, so have plenty of pencils, crayons, and paper handy.

Josiah (1):
Your child has exceptional charisma and physical ability. You may be living with the next great athlete, Tiger Woods or Serena Williams. These children can even grown up to be actors. Don’t be surprised if your child is the next Richard Burton or Nicole Kidman. Your adventurous child may even grow up to be the next Sally Ride or Neil Armstrong. Your child loves to move, climb on things, and loves activity and adventure. These children are sometimes labeled hyper-active when they don’t have outlets for their energy.

Here are some ways you can nurture your child’s talent: Any type of sports, group or individual, such as soccer, karate, and dance. These children usually love large motor activity. Some ideas for their physical activities are jungle gyms, balls, tricycles, and skates. Also they may like active handwork such as clay, playdough, sewing, and finger painting. Some other great activities would be wall climbing, playing in the children’s play area at your local fast food restaurant, the slides, pools of balls are great free activities for your child.

Those were highly accurate! You should try it with your kids!

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  1. seetortle

    What a neat quiz- I might have to try it out.

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