What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

i know, i know. i said a while back i would never make you follow me again. *blush* but something just really made me want to have my own personal domain again. and it feels great! please rest assured if you already opened an account on the other blog, you are still a user here!

i decided if i have the chance, i want to only make digiscrapped site layouts from now on. and i love this one. i think my boys are pretty amazing. 🙂

i’m thinking of making separate sections for each boy, with their own pics and stuff. i’m still considering it though, because it’s hard enough for me to update myself. *giggle*

the boys are doing well, although they are still fearful that the mean dogs will come into our yard, or worse, our house. 🙁

we found out the dogs are supposed to be labeled as “vicious” but so far we don’t know what’s come of that. jerry tried to call the owner on wednesday, and left a message. the guy called back, but jerry was given the run-around – someone else came to the phone and said the owner couldn’t speak english well. jerry said to find someone to help interpret and please call him. he hasn’t had a chance to try again, and no one has called back. 🙁 the vet bill was 100 bucks, and we don’t have that kind of money just lying around, ya know?

jerry gave me a scare last night. he came home to get his meds (he was due to take them at the time he got home – he’d just forgotten to take them with him) and he was feeling really bad. he ended up not going into work because he was worried he’d go into total a-fib. 🙁 he seems to be doing better today, though still very tired.

oh! and i don’t want to forget this: my dear friend julie honored me with a web award! i love it!

and i am gifting it to my sweet friends keer, carla & amanda. i think they need it this week. ((((((GALS))))))

well, please make sure you let me know you made it over here.

10 thoughts on “What Do You Think?

  1. The new header looks awesome!!

    I hope the owners of those dogs do something… Like chain them in the yard, you know? Aren’t there leash laws over there? (Not that everyone obeys there here. *sigh*)

    Hope Jerry is OK. He should keep a few pills in the car, for an emergency, in case he forgets again…

  2. Chautona

    I’ll follow it anywhere. I love seeing those boys!

  3. chrissylynn

    I love your site and couldn’t think of 3 better people to get that award this week!

    I love those ladies bunches and of course I love you too.

  4. mamadill

    I think it’s adorable!!!! 🙂

  5. WoW I’m glad I found you. I had to re-register for the blog cause I forgot my password and the email I used no longer works and I have no access to it. *SIGH*

    But Im here with a new link myself. Hope you’ll come by and visit.

    Glad the boys are ok…even if they are shaken up a bit. I think it’s wrong they won’t do anything about the dogs because they didn’t draw blood on the boys. I hope something will be done and you can find some peace.

    Big Hugs

  6. Hi! I’m here! I still read all the time. I hope you get some resolution about the payment for the vet bills… The Economic Stimulus checks are going out in May, so if you used direct deposit for your taxes, they’ll show up in your bank account in a few weeks. (http://www.snopes.com/politics/taxes/stimulus.asp) Extra money is always helpful.

    Is Jerry’s condition going to improve with medication, or does the medication just keep him on an even keel?

    Love you!

  7. jenmiller

    don’t sweat it. i move all the time!! 😛


    my mom was recently diagnosed with a fib and she’s been having some problems with it too. i swear i have it as well. my heart keeps jumping into my throat. is jerry going to have any surgery? i guess there is some procedure that my mom is going in to see if she is a good candidate for that’s supposed to help the a fib without meds?? i don’t know exactly.


    love you.

  8. jenmiller

    ps. guess who’s back to wanting another baby? 🙁

    yeah. i really would love jack to have a reversal, but he’s not going for that idea.

    anyway …. <3

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