Well, it’s a…..

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nother boy!!!!!! yes, we are due with our fourth son!!!!!!

nothing more to say yet, except the name is a little up in the air again, and yes, this is still our last biological child.

God bless!

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  1. Lynn

    Awww… and he looks like he is doing BEAUTIFULLY… Thank the GOOD LORD!! He surely knows the plans He has for you and the gifts He gives, are WONDERFUL! I love the way you worded your thoughts.. our last “biological” child – leaving your hearts wide open to receive a precious little hand-picked girl from the Lord at some time in the future!! I know someone else who has four boys and then adopted a BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS little baby girl from Guatamala!! Those brothers just adore her!! This is a happy happy family… http://faithfulfroggers.blogspot.com/ – check them out!
    Maybe the Lord has a special baby sister somewhere in the future, for your 4 boys!
    Love ya girl!! Keep that smile on your face and in your heart!

  2. gramma

    John Paul Isaiah?

  3. Julie

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can’t wait to see the 4 boys lined up side by side! They are going to look soooo cute!

    Loved the video. You’re so lucky to get videos of your ultrasounds. I never did. *pout*

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