Welcome to our world.

Jamin Zachariah was born last evening at 9:43 pm (I began writing this post after midnight). He is 6 pounds 12 ounces and 20 3/4 inches long. He joined our family 15 days earlier than expected, but he was welcome surprise. He is soooooo beautiful. Jenn and baby are both doing great. We will post all the details of the delivery and photos of Jamin later. Thank you for all your prayers.

-edited by mama = his middle name is Zachariah, NOT Zechariah. 😉


I'm the husband to my wonderful wife of 21 years, Jenn, and father to four amazing boys, 15, 14, 12, and 10. I have been blessed with the same two jobs for nearly 15 years that allow my wife to stay home and homeschool our children. Some of my favorite things to do include studying the Bible, spending time with my family, watching movies and shows on Netflix with the fam, watching football on TV, and checking out baseball stats online. Getting saved is the most important event of my life. Being a faithful husband and sharing Christ with others are my highest callings. It is my utmost desire for all to learn the truth of God's love.

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  1. becca

    CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn’t be more excited! 😀 Welcome to the world, baby Jamin! I’ll be eagerly awaiting photos and the birth story, hee.

  2. Jen

    congrats guys!! can’t wait to see pics 🙂

  3. amyjo

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to hear the story and see pictures!

  4. Julie

    Oh! CONGRATS!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!

    Why do you always post these things after I go to bed??? *lol*

    (Just woke up)

  5. Lynn

    CONGRATULATIONS and GOD BLESS Y’ALL.. every one of you!! Sending love from sunny Florida –

  6. Meesh

    You are so blessed! What a BEAUTIFUL family!

  7. Rob

    Woohoo! And I thought it would be 11 more days!

    Congrats and thanks to God that you’re both well!

  8. rockingranola

    HOORAY!!!!!! a belated, but very heartfelt congratulations!!!! Welcome to the world, sweet little one!

    Enjoy your babymoon, mama 🙂 xoxo!

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