Um, Hi, Remember Me?

i am just pitiful.

for those of you who thought we have been on vacation forever…we came back that night. *blush* i am SO sorry that i haven’t posted in so long. i hope you’ll forgive me. some exciting things have been happening, leaving less time for “fun” time.

i am a brand new designer at two stores! can you believe it? it’s really official now! i have been getting things into the stores and getting situated getting to “know” people i’ll be working with. watch the sidebar for direct links to my stores. also, leave me a comment letting me know of your interest if you want a 30% discount as a friend and family member. 🙂 i’m working on two kits at once right now, and have so many more in the works. i’m selling at Heaven-Sent Scrapbooking & at Scrappin’ out loud!

i’ve been trying to do better at home. it’s not working great, but at least i’m trying.

ok now for some things i’ve been working on (please click on image to see credits):

3 thoughts on “Um, Hi, Remember Me?

  1. Congrats on the new Designer positions! That is so awesome!… Love the layouts too. I hadn’t seen the last one yet, and I think it’s awesome!

  2. I love your layouts! I’ve got to figure out how to do that someday! I’m amazed that Josiah drinks pop already! We have a rule of no pop until 5! Mackenzie is very close to getting pop and gum! (we also have the no gum until 5 rule too!)

  3. Great layouts. Jen, can you email me. I lost your email. Thanks.

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