Tune in Tuesday: Featuring The Skit Guys offering Mother’s Day Love!

I just love The Skit Guys. They are great; so much fun, always clean, and safe for the kids to watch with me.

They REALLY appreciate mothers. I mean, I saw their new video today and noticed they had eight videos just about/for moms! Those are what I’m going to share with you today, in honor of the upcoming Mother’s Day. 🙂

Newest one:
Mom Goggles:

Being Mom:

My Mom:

Mother’s Day Reminder:

Mom Song:

I’m Sorry Mom:

Mother’s Day Reminder 2:

Unnoticed Moms:

There are some other ones on their site about Mother’s Day that don’t have The Skit Guys in them. Watch if you want to cry. LOL. Seriously, they are really good. The ones with the girls are good too, but they’re NOT The Skit Guys. 😉

God bless!

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