Tuesday’s Tweet a Treat: Gluten-free goodies at Aldi!

If you have an Aldi nearby, you should check to see if they have these gluten free foods! Aldi has a fairly new brand called liveGfree, and they’re adding new products. Now they have pizza crust mix, macaroni and cheese, frozen hot-pocket style sandwiches, single-serve ravioli and lasagna, frozen pizza, chocolate chip cookie mix, brownie mix, gluten free crackers (just like Crunchmaster), soft cookies, granola, and bars. I am NOT exaggerating when I say I was thrilled to see an aisle filled with these goodies!

Here are some pics from my friend’s Aldi:

 photo image_zps39c3dfa2.jpg

And here’s from my house:

Now, some of the things I wouldn’t get because there are other brands for a better value (the frozen pizza, for instance, was not a good deal at all, but might be a nice splurge item sometime). But the pizza crust mix was only 2.99 and it makes two 12 inch pizzas!
I made up the pizza crust mix last night. I wasn’t overly optimistic beforehand (I wasn’t expecting to be blown away), but I wanted to give it a try. It. Was. Awe.SOME! The best gluten free crust we have ever had! I am not joking! And we have had every kind I can think of. The texture was perfect, it LOOKED like gluten-filled pizza, and it tasted like it! It had a taste and texture similar to jiffy pizza crust or chef boyardee crusts. I didn’t get a pic last night, but everyone who tried a piece was in love!!
Just wanted to share it with you all. 🙂
Have a great day and be blessed!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Tweet a Treat: Gluten-free goodies at Aldi!

  1. I tried the chocolate snack bars. They were a little grainy (as typical of some GF things) but really yummy! Glad you liked the pizza crust! It is nice to have these things on hand for GF friends that we have over to the house!

    1. Oooh, thanks for the head’s up. The soft cookies are a tiny bit grainy, too, but still yummy. I didn’t get the snack bars because they didn’t seem quite as affordable to me. But I’d love to try them!
      Yes, it is great to have around! I hope they continue to sell them!

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