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Tuesday’s Teaching Tips & Tricks: Free subscriber downloads

Hey, homeschooling parent! Summer is here, but learning doesn’t have to take a break!

abcsummersnacksJust in time for summer, AAL created a follow up to their original ABC Snacks series that will keep you and your preschooler learning (and snacking) all summer long! The ABC Snacks Summer Snacks Cookbook features ten yummy, easy-to-create snack recipes along with fun activities and helpful teaching tips—all designed to support important pre-reading skills.

Get your “subscriber only” download here!

After you download your free cookbook, check out their other pre-reading downloads, including the original ABC Snacks Cookbook! Let the fun (and learning) begin!

abcsnacksABC Snacks Cookbook
Enjoy our original ABC Snacks Cookbook, which includes snack recipes, tips for teaching pre-reading skills, and a list of 26 picture books to accompany the snacks. You’ll find a unique and healthy snack for each letter of the alphabet!

inthekitchenwithzigIn the Kitchen with Zigzag Zebra e-book
Ziggy is in the kitchen cooking up a storm! And while your child is helping Ziggy, he or she will be absorbing critical pre-reading skills.

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