Tuesday’s Teaching Tips and Tricks: 4/22/14

Tuesday’s Teaching Tips and Tricks: 4/22/14

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I have recently been more looking into All About Learning Press‘s curriculum. I have heard of All About Reading and All About Spelling, of course, but have been really happy with the Christian Light Education curriculum I’ve been using, so saw no need to switch anything. However, Jamin is a completely different learner than his big brothers. For whatever reason, whether issues that could be caused from being on the Spectrum, Sensory Processing Disorder or if he has something else like un-diagnosed Auditory Processing Disorder, he is just not “getting” reading. Even if he seems to get it at the time, he’s not retaining it later. So when this popped up in my emailbox this morning, I was thrilled, and just this one little freebie made me decide that I’m going to switch to AAR, for Jamin at least.
This is a freebie of their alphabet app:
All About Learning Press Letter Sounds A to Z

And this one is a freebie of their phonics app:
All About Learning Press Phonogram App

They can be downloaded for nearly any device (each download is free), including the PC!

You can also sign up for their newsletter to get some other freebies!

The main reason I think this might be “the” curriculum for my little man is that it uses all senses and sort of immerses little learners in it. It also makes them think they’re only playing, when they’re really playing and learning. I love that! I’m pretty sure I’ll be using it for Jace as well, since he is so very busy and doesn’t sit still well for long.

Another tool I’ve been loving is Ultimate Brain Breaks. There are lots of very simple little activities in the book, and she breaks things down for regular old moms, not PHDs 😉 I highly suggest it!
The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks eBook

Until the next Teaching Tuesday, have fun with your kids! 🙂

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