Guest Post ::  Trusting in God Financially

Guest Post :: Trusting in God Financially

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I’m so blessed to have another guest post! This time, I’m posting on my friend Starla’s site, Pressing in and Pressing on.

Here’s a snippet!

We’re poor. Not like destitute and living on the street, but as in living in debt just to get through each month. We have many medical problems – Depression, Type 1 Diabetes, Atrial Fibrillation, Anxiety, Autism, ADHD…Plus we need to eat a gluten free diet, which costs about 70% more than a “regular” diet.
There are times when we feel stressed about money (too often, I’m afraid). But you know what? God’s always seen us through. We are somehow able to pay our mortgage and other necessities each month. With the help of family, with the help of the church, and admittedly, a bit of help from the government (which wouldn’t be necessary without the unbelievable taxes, but again, I digress), God provides a way for us.

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