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Too Soon?

is it too soon to feel fluttering? am i just imagining it?

4 thoughts on “Too Soon?”

  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but at this point j-bug wouldn’t even have arms and legs yet, so I don’t think it’s fluttering. 🙂

    But you’ll feel j-bug before you know it!!!

    Love you!

  2. LOL. What Julie said. Plus, not only will you have to wait for J-bug to grow legs and arms but you have to wait until those legs and arms are actually strong enough to affect your uterus in such a way that you feel them. It’ll be a while. 🙂 But how exciting.

    Tell me again. What’s the exact date?

  3. Yeah, I’ve got to agree with the other girls 🙂 Still too early.

  4. In my head I felt movement soon after I took the pregnancy test. LOL! Too soon for it to be the baby, unless you are farther along then you think!!

    Happy New Year!

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