5 Tips to Enjoy the Summer (for Special Families)

Tips to Enjoy the Summer (for Special Families) @BusyBeingBlessed.net Articles with helpful hints and tips for keeping the summer smooth, safe & fun!

5 Tips to Enjoy the Summer (for Special Families)

Summer Is Special!

As a special needs homeschooling family, the kids are always at home with us. However, there’s something different, more special, more exciting, about summer. Whether it’s the other kids in the neighborhood outside, vacations or trips planned, or more time with family members, there are more exciting days and therefore, more chances of stress.

I’ve been reading a lot of articles by Dianne Craft, Carol Barnier and the Brain Balance Centers (the boys do not attend there, but I have been soaking up all the info on their site!). I thought I would share some of them that relate to summertime and how to enjoy it to the best of our ability with special kids.

1.) Summer Eating

This first one doesn’t just apply to summer, but it seems many parents are more lax with rules about treats over an extended break.
Worst Foods for Children with Learning Disabilities
So what SHOULD your kids be eating?
Healthy Bites: Brain Power Foods for Kids and Healthy Bites: Let Them Eat Fat
-Try to make sure you give them things directly from nature.
-And make sure they get LOTS of fresh water!

2.) Staying on Schedule & Avoiding Meltdowns

How to Stick to a Schedule for Summer
Six Tips to Avoid Summertime Meltdowns

3.) Having Fun Together

Sensory Activities for Summer
Hands-on Learning: Gardening Activities for Summer
This one says it’s for holiday break, but it can easily be turned into any break.
Screen-free Activities for Kids
Swim Tips for Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

4.) Handling Travel and Visits

Also speaking of holiday stays, this might be appropriate for families staying with or hosting extended family for parts of the summertime holiday.
Preparing Extended Family for Visiting Children with Behavior Issues
How about traveling with the special child?
Surviving Summer Roadtrips with Sensory Sensitive Children and
Travel Tips for Special Needs Families

5.) Retaining School Knowledge & Social Integration

Prevent the “Summer Reading Slide” (Note that this also mentions taking advantage of your library’s Summer reading program. Almost every library has one, and it’s a great incentive!)
How to Navigate Summer Playdates for Kids with Social Issues
Are you interested in a Summer camp for your special needs child? Many of the cut-off dates have past for these, but you can always check it out for next Summer!
Special Needs Camps

I found all of these articles so helpful, and I hope you do, too! They have many more on their site beyond summertime, so check them out!

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