The Worst Mother of the Year Award

The Worst Mother of the Year Award

….goes to….me!

well, actually i have to say i’m not THE worst mother. reading about poor maria and the thought of her parents who are supposed to LOVE her (update at end of this post!)…

the other day my mommies group was having a picnic brunch and easter egg hunt at the park. i really didn’t want to go without jerry but jerry needed to sleep still. so i thought i’d try it, because i know jeremiah was really looking forward to hunting for eggs.

things were fine for a while, but jeremiah REALLY wanted to be at the playground area. which would have been fine, but josiah is quite a heavy bundle to tote around, and when i have him i can’t really help jeremiah like i want to. anyway, he kept wandering back over the the play area, and i’d keep a distant eye on him from where i was on the benches. when my friend amanda went over there, i was like, oh she’s there – he’ll be fine. (my error here was not mentioning to her to please keep an eye on him! so she wasn’t to know what he was up to.) then she came back to us and after a few minutes my friend courtney went over. i was like oh i’m not going out quite yet because court’s out there (note my error REPEATED). finally, i got josiah changed into a new outfit and headed out to play with my big boy. i didn’t see him anywhere. i looked quickly, no jeremiah. i asked courtney where he was and when she said ‘i haven’t seen him, jenn,’ my heart DROPPED into my stomach. i KNEW. if she hadn’t seen him, he wasn’t there. i started calling him, then ran up to the rest of the group and said ‘i need help! jeremiah’s GONE!’ someone took josiah from me and i ran frantically looking. thankfully almost everyone was helping me. a lady started coming up the hill and i thought – oh no something happened, she found him and he’s hurt! she said, ‘is someone missing a kid?’ OH MY GOODNESS! i yelled, ‘i am!!!!’ and rachel said, ‘we are!!!’ and she called down and another woman came up with my baby. he had followed a group of kids down to their school (right next door from the park). i picked him up and he just kept saying ‘thank you, mama, thank you, mama’ and let me kiss all over him and hug on him. everyone was surprised when i didn’t cry. but i couldn’t cry. i felt like i was going to throw up. i felt like i was going to pass out. i felt like i was going to die. i still can’t believe i let it happen.

/end sadness. he is fine. he is safe. he is loved. and i know to never assume someone will look out for him. i will ask to be sure they can watch him or i will not let him leave my side. i am SOOOOO thankful to the Lord for having His protective hand on him that day. something could have happened to him, but it didn’t and i’m so very thankful for that.
i have a story from yesterday. we needed to go the the store and had dilly-dallied most of the day. we finally got into the van but jeremiah was obviously hungry because he was eating his hand. i told jerry we should stop to eat before we shop and he said ‘how about mcdonald’s for a hamburger?’ jeremiah had mentioned wanting a hamburger earlier in the day, so we agreed. well, we decided to go in instead of drive-thru. jeremiah started talking about a barn. when he got out he started walking away from mcdonald’s, pointing to the strip of buildings across the street. i tried to figure out what he wanted, but he kept saying ‘barn’, so i took his hand and led him into mcdonald’s amid his protests.

we finally turned around and went back out because he was so upset and perplexed. jerry and i were totally confused and didn’t know what he wanted. when i snapped him in his carseat, he was still upset. he said ‘mama go to farm and see barn!!!’ very insistently. it was then it hit me what the poor guy was trying to get at. he thought we were going to old mcdonald’s farm!! i couldn’t believe i didn’t get it before, and jerry felt the same way. we were both chuckling and nearly in tears with the cuteness. then we tried to explain that mcdonald’s was not the same as old macdonald’s farm. you could see it in his eyes that he understood, because he looked sooo disappointed! poor guy. we are now looking for a farm to visit. 😛

jeremiah is 27 months today. SIGH. he is so big and so smart and so wonderful i don’t know what to say. he and josiah are doing so well sleeping in the same room. honestly, it’s scary. last night, it took 4 minutes for them to fall asleep and be asleep! josiah started crying at about 11, i went in and jeremiah was awake but he didn’t cry. i rocked josiah for a while, then put him back in bed. (he didn’t wake up again until 530. woohoo! and then he slept with mama. 🙂 ) tonight, i was nursing josiah and told jeremiah i would come in and give him one last kiss when i put josiah in bed. josiah was being rather stubborn and wiggly during nursing, so it took me longer than i’d thought. jeremiah was totally quiet so i assumed he’d fallen asleep. well, when i entered the room, he was sitting on his bed waiting for me! he said, ‘mama, jojo seeping?’ and i said ‘yes, baby’ then gave him a big hug and kiss. he smiled and sighed, laid his head on his pillow, and went right to sleep. isn’t he just the sweetest and cutest thing?

oh naptimes are another story. we have been going round and round. but jerry and i are insistent that he nap – he is a bear when he doesn’t!! still not trying the both napping in the same room together thing yet either. was going to try it today but it didn’t work out. josiah would have fallen asleep but with jerry or me having to go in so often to tell jeremiah to get back in bed and give him a few swats…well it ruined it for josiah!

well this is turning out to be a pretty long post. i’m so sorry i haven’t been posting again, and i’m sorry i haven’t been visiting again. i waste so much time online and don’t just do what i need to do!! UGH! i love you guys! HUGS! now maria’s update, as promised:

an update was sent today!!!! i am so thrilled i have tears in my eyes. PRAISE THE LORD!!! thanks so much to everyone who prayed and please continue!
(referring to post


Dear Family and Friends,

In response to the email I sent about baby Maria on Friday, I am not sure there has been a comparable outpouring of emails and prayers in our ministry.Â? I want all of you to know how profoundly impacted we have been by your words and prayers for this situation.Â? There is no other word for what has happened but MIRACLE.

On Friday night, Maria took a turn for the worse with a fever that spiked and fluid that kept building on her stomach.� The doctor moved her to ICU and they put her on oxygen and immediately began to extract the fluid.� Her bowels and urinary tract shut down from the swelling and Maria’s condition became critical.� They did an ultrasound of the abdomen on Saturday morning and found she had received a severe blow to the stomach.� The doctors suspect she was most likely kicked.� (Hang on, it gets better after this point.)

When I called Alina on Saturday and found out, I told her of all the emails I had received and that I knew God was going to respond to the brokenness everyone prayed in for Maria.� Alina told me JUST A FEW HOURS AFTER WE TALKED THAT MARIA’S SWELLING WENT DOWN.� Not a few days, a few hours!� I do not care where anyone else stands on the issue theologically because I KNOW Jesus stills does miracles through those of us that are His children.� I have seen it time and time again with my own eyes and this just further proves it.

By Sunday, Alina said Maria actually SMILED for the first time!Â? Her bodily functions started back again normally and the doctor allowed her to be given milk for the first time.Â? When I saw her yesterday, I cringed for a different reason.Â? After the swelling subsided, it was clear she was extremely malnourished compared to last November when she left.Â? Alina gave her the allowed portion of milk and she screamed uncontrollably for 30 minutes begging for more.Â? It ripped my heart out to watch her do this yesterday.Â? Alina warned me but there is absolutely nothing like hearing a starving child beg for more food.

Today, they increased the amount of milk again and she is much happier after eating but still cries some when it is empty.� We do not doubt that she was hungry the entire five months her parents had her in their home.� When I walked in the room today, Alina had dressed her in a lavender body suit with a matching lacy headband in her hair.� I was so sorry I didn’t have my camera with me!� Alina has successfully treated the horrific amount of head lice and there are no more signs.� Although her skin is still very bruised and scarred, Maria is definitely showing she is a fighter!

Alina has barely left Maria’s side since Friday except to sleep and shower but she told me this Sunday.� “I know people are praying for me to have energy and strength because I feel it.� I am not one bit tired and I feel like I could just keep going and going.� I see and feel what The Lord is doing through prayer and I am so very thankful to everyone who is praying for us.”� I can only add “Amen” to her statement.

I ask for you to pray specifically for a possible opportunity for me to present before the European Union Parliamentarians next week.� After my email went out last Friday, our friends in Texas forwarded me the email of a family on their way to Brussels to discuss the insanity of Romania’s moratorium on international adoptions.� Through that email, I got connected with the family who are in meetings today and then asked if I would be willing to testify and present Maria’s case along with a few others.� Please pray for The Lord to give me this opportunity if it is His will.� This could be a major opportunity to impact changes in the legislation here.

I found out the mother will not be jailed because she is pregnant (they refuse to jail pregnant women here) but we are waiting to hear if they jailed the father.Â? Please pray for the other children in the home.Â? I am afraid of what will be found.

I am tremendously humbled by your prayers and support.Â? I hope to soon send you a much happier photo of baby Maria!Â? My Redeemer lives!

Basking In The Son,


Michelle Kelly Sims, MSW

Founder and Executive Director

Children In The Son, Inc.


Mark 10:45 “For even the son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” [/quote]

5 thoughts on “The Worst Mother of the Year Award

  1. So much to read… so much to comment on!

    1) Phew! I was so scared for you about Jeremiah going missing. It’s one of my big fears. We have a gorgeous (LARGE) park near my house that I won’t go to without someone there to help watch DD1. The park is so big that it take seconds for her to disappear between log cabins and slides. *shudder*

    2) How cute of Jeremiah. Old McDonald. lol.

    3) Praise the Lord for Maria. I’ve been thinking/praying about it. Can’t believe that other is actually pregnant. Again. There isn’t an emoticon that could express how that makes me feel. AAarrgh!

  2. Carol

    The mcdonald story was just too cute! I was almost in tears and sick the other day. Cole was playing in the yard while I finished unloading the groceries out of the car. He was right there by the door I took the last bags in the house and went back out, no Cole. I looked everywhere in the yard for him and started screaming his name over and over. I was starting to freak out. Then it hit me to look in the car. Thank God he was there. It’s an awful feeling I know. I’m so glad Jeremiah was safe. And things are looking up for Maria.

  3. How scary!… We had a scare like that with Alicia at a carnival. One second she was standing next to us… I bent over for less than a minute to pull the camera from the camera bag, and when I looked up she was GONE. (She was around 21 months at the time) She had wandered over to watch the ride we had just left… Thank heavens it only took a minute to find her.

    I’m sure thankful that you were able to find Jeremiah!!!

    And I hope he gets to visit the farm soon! 😉

    Thanks for the update on Maria… It breaks my heart to think of all she went through, and I am so scared for the other kids and the baby on the way…

  4. Whew, you described your relief quite well. Just want to encourage you by letting you know that it probably happens to every parent, so unfortunately you can’t claim the award for “worst” anything yet. 😉 I wandered off once when I was about 4 and scared my dad to death, and I’m still here!

    That update on Maria was very welcome – praise God!! I’ll be sharing that with my prayer buddies.

  5. Oh, and by the way, thanks for the comments on my site. (Once school is out, I hope to get the ball really rolling!) My dad has been doing some server changes so that’s why my site was unviewable at one point.

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