The Old Bag Has Returned

The Old Bag Has Returned

well yesterday my big fat {.} came back, and with a vengance. i don’t think you could know this, but i haven’t had one since jeremiah was 10 mos old. i did NOT miss is. i am feeling utterly horrible. to add to my pain, today i’d gained three pounds since last week’s weigh-in!!!! does a {.} really do that to you?!!?

i’m trying to get hyped about josiah’s party on sunday, but i feel more anxious than anything! i’m praying i can get the cake made just the way i want it, and praying all the ducks will fall into a row. i hope everyone who plans to come will come, and bring what they said they’d bring for the pitch-in. LOL. i mentioned what i decided on with the cake, didn’t i? i decided to make a monkey cake. i know exactly how i’m going to do it, so i hope it comes out perfectly. the only thing is, since it will be so large, i need to figure out what it’s going to sit on/transported on. any ideas? it’s going to be maybe 17 or more inches long.
i have also been asked to sing at church on sunday. this will be the first time in quite a while! so i’m nervous and excited about that one. i need to find ‘when i call on Jesus’ so i can decide between that one and ‘be still and know’.
mom and i have had a busy week! on tuesday we went to visit some online friends – i met FOUR of them, and their kids! it was a BLAST!!!!

wednesday, we went to the state fair. that was tiring – i wasn’t feeling well at all (and now we know why!) but it was fun. gramma bought josiah a monkey from ‘animalland’, which is like a build-a-bear thing, where they stuff the animal while you push on the lever. josiah loves his monkey! his name is nana, after a banana and also after gramma. LOL. jeremiah calls the monkey ‘bananas’. hehe! i need to get a good pic of him holding him later…

well pray for me. i’m still pretty down about my {.} and it makes the realization of jerry not wanting more kids right now REALLY hard. 🙁

God bless!

4 thoughts on “The Old Bag Has Returned

  1. Carol

    Good luck with the cake and party this weekend and I hope you share some photos with us!

    I’ve had months where the scales went up five pounds during that time. It really does it. Last cycle I was up three pounds, it went away soon as the long week was over. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. amyjo

    Wow! That’s a long time without a period! I guess that’s probably because you were nursing, right? I only nursed Jenna for 2 days, after that I couldn’t anymore! Maybe by next June Jerry will be ready for another one! Then maybe we could be pregnant together again!
    Hope the party goes well.

  3. I hope you’re feeling better soon Jenn..
    Cake sounds adorable.. you can sometimes go into the grocery stores and ask them if they would just sell you the tray and lid they put their cakes in. I know I bought one a while back and I think it was $5.00 but it was well worth it… I’ve also taken cardboard and covered it with mulitiple layers of aluminum foil and put my cake on that to transport.. no lid.. and I had to hang on to it all the way there (while Vince had to drive) but it worked..
    I bet Josiah is so cute with his Monkey!
    I hope Jerry changes his mind about more children soon Jenn… You know I’m there for you on that topic if you ever need to talk.. I’ve been in the same boat for 5 years except we have huge hurdles to overcome with having to worry about a reversal first.. and all the requirements my hubby has before he’ll consider it… I really hope Jerry considers how you feel.. and understands your need.. Lots of hugs…

  4. Does Jerry want more in the future? Does he just want to wait a bit? How long before you think he’ll be ready… I’ve been there with Joe, so I know how you feel!!!

    I’m sorry your monthly is so bad… It’s probably because it’s been a while. When mine goes on strike for a while, the first one back is always awful.

    I’ll bet the monkey cake turns out cute! I was lazy… We just ordered a Nemo cake for Amanda’s party tomorrow.

    Love you!

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