The First Decade!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet Bear! 10 years today. it’s so hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, remember the kit i mentioned? I got it done just in time, for my 10 year anniversary!! And for today only, it’s on sale 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurry in to get it!

“Reminisce the Kiss” Full Page Kit – Jenn Gee of BMC
This kit is inspired by and in honor of my 10 year anniversary with my
wonderful husband, Jerry. It’s hard to imagine we have spent a decade
as husband and wife! It hasn’t always been perfect, but here we stand
on the other side, starting out fresh and new, falling in love all
over again. Things recently have made me realize how much I love him, and how much I had been neglecting our love, without even realizing it sometimes. This is one of the reasons my computer time has been more limited – I want to spend more time with him, and doing things for him so we can spend more time together when he’s home.
Reminisce the Kiss: Fall in Love Again is a kit with deep, rich colors
and both fun and fancy papers and elements. Our love is a complicated
one, and doesn’t fit in a box, just like this kit. Since we were
married in Autumn, our favorite season, the kit is a bit fall-ish. 🙂
Inside you’ll find:
13 patterned papers (plus one bonus), 4 textured papers & 48 elements:
1 filmstrip frame, 1 wrapped cardboard frame, 1 bench, 3 open book
scrapbook pages, 1 front cover scrapbook, 5 brads, 2 charm ribbons, 1
photo clip, 2 flourishes, 4 flowers, 1 hanging double frame, 2 hanging
frames, 1 gazebo, 5 leaves, 2 pieces of masking tape, 2 pieces of
scotch tape, 1 photo mat, 4 photo ribbon wraps, 1 journal page, 2
journal clusters, 1 pen, 3 framed photo clusters, 1 photo edge, 1
photo prong, 1 curly ribbon, 1 pocket tag, 2 leaf bouquets, 1
three-spot frame, 10 romantic word arts. I had planned on a full
alpha, but I’ll have to make that another time as an add-on.
Commercial-use credits:
Angela Sharrow {Ornamental Dreams LayOvers} ( Dana
Conditt {Lovin’ It Overlays, Oh BBQ Overlays, Darling Doodles,
DC-MilkMoney, DC-DebsDots, DC-DavidsHand, DC-GirlyCurly,
DC-AroundTown} ( Kathryn Estry {Page Wraps}

3 thoughts on “The First Decade!

  1. Hello Jenn girl,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and to Jerry. I must confess you have been heavily on my mind and heart since your recent entry asking us to pray for your marriage. The brief note concerned me deeply. I couldn’t imagine what revelation had occurred and you know how imaginations can run away. I was just worried about two.

    You all deserve to be a strong and happy family. I know too well how financial stress can kill joy. We have endured it for 29 years now. I know how working several jobs can leave children and wives feeling neglected, and can leave husbands feeling tired and overwhelmed. It should not be this way, that families are stressed by the world’s “two income” lifeview. Everything is based on two incomes. It’s not right.

    Whatever has been going on recently, I pray it has caused you to draw to one another and to recommit to one another. You have three beautiful boys who NEED you both – need a strong and stable home to grow up in. Both of you are precious and are in my prayers.

    Love ya girl!

  2. Happy Anniversary Jenn!!! Hope you got to do something romantical! 😀

    The kits really nice. 🙂

  3. I’m forcing your hand Jenn…. YOU’VE BEEN TAGGED! … Now blog already! *rofl*

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