The Ears Rear Their Ugly Heads…

errrr something like that.

jeremiah’s left ear has been draining yellow. there is a slow trickle constantly coming from his ear. it’s like a runny nose…only it’s a runny ear.

i called the dr on call today and she called in ear drops for him (which, by the way, was 25 dollars – i will pay you back mom, i just remembered i didn’t! – WITH the insurance, and the pharmacist said insurance paid 90 bucks of it! wow!!) and wants to see him tomorrow to look at his ear. i’m pretty sure it’s an infection. if it is, it is the first ear infection since he got tubes at 10 months. pretty good, don’t you think? i know his tubes are due to come out at any time. i just hope he doesn’t need more. he’s older now and last time the surgery scared him of doctors for months – it’s just this past month or two that he’s not screamed hysterically at the dr’s office! i can’t imagine how he’d be if he had tubes again…

well please continue to pray. he’s feeling more himself, but still not 100%. thankfully josiah is almost himself. the two of them are just so cute i don’t know what to do with all the cuteness. 🙂

love to all, and to all a good night.

6 thoughts on “The Ears Rear Their Ugly Heads…

  1. Poor Jeremiah!… I’ve never seen “runny ears” before. Do you think the tubes caused them?

    I sure hope he doens’t start getting them again. Even with 4 kids, we’ve only ever had to deal with 3 ear infections… Neither of the girls have ever had one. Josh had one at 4 months, and Jared had his first one just before his 5th birthday, and his second one when he was 6 years old.

    Hope Jeremiah feels better soon!


  2. My daughter’s ears have done that before, but she’s only had a couple of ear infections..
    I hope Jeremiah starts feeling better soon!


  3. Hi Girlie! Sorry I was AWOL for so long. Everything is fine here, just so, so tired. Hope sweet Jeremiah is feeling better soon. Love and hugs to you all!!

  4. Our 7yr old grson got tubes just about a year ago due to constant infections and subsequent speech problems. They seemed quite reluctant to put them in and thought he’d out grow it. Now he’s still dealing with speech issues. How long do the tubes normally stay in? (He’s had no infections in that year!)
    Hope Jeremiah feels better very soon!

  5. Awww he must be a trooper. With a mom like you, I’m sure he’ll make it through with ease.

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