Teaching Children to Obey {Guest Post on SAHMSG}

Teaching Children to Obey {Guest Post on SAHMSG}

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I’m very excited to announce that I have a monthly contributor post at my friend Jaimi’s blog, thestay-at-home-survivalguide.com! I’ll be posting a Christian parenting post once a month over there. This week, my post is about teaching children to obey.

Please don’t get me wrong: I am in NO way saying that I have it all together. If you could see how disobedient my boys are sometimes! Shew! But the thing is, we’re working with them on it, and they get better every day. Not all children become obedient immediately, and when you have stubborn children with special needs… wowsa!

I hope you can get something from my post, but as I said, I’m not an expert. My oldest is almost 12 years old. In searching for an idea for my image, I found this article about obedience. Many posts about obedience make me feel so inadequate, but this actually encouraged me to work even harder with the boys. It felt uplifting and challenging without being discouraging. And it’s a guy who should know what he’s talking about: he’s been parenting a little longer than I’ve been alive (John Piper).

Also, my friend Kim from Not Consumed has a wonderful kit put together all about obedience. You should check it out.
Obedience Bible Study

Now for my post! I hope you’ll let me know your thoughts.
God bless you in your parenting!

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