Summer sickies

Summer sickies

so who was it that first said there is less sickness in the summer? because it’s not holding true in our household! all four boys have a cough, and Jeremiah, since his immune system is much like mine, is also vomiting. today is his last day of school, and he’s home, feeling miserable.

so i guess today is the first day of our official summer vacation! which means we will start doing “summer school” tomorrow. my plan is to run through K math with Jeremiah and Joe, and eventually get through 1st math with Jeremiah, so he can start 2nd math in the school year. i’m hoping he’ll whiz by most of it, since there are only a few things he’s getting caught up on. Jeremiah is also doing lots of reading for the summer. he’s going to do the K readers and 1st readers to be ready for 2nd in the fall. not that he’s not ready – he is an AWESOME reader – i just want him to have the wisdom from the CLE readers. they hold really good character lessons that i think he needs to retain. Josiah read through the first reader from the K system yesterday. i’m really proud of him. it seems the boys are natural readers and once they start, they fly! that makes me happy. i hope Jamin will be the same, but i don’t know.

i am so worried about Jamin. he still has absolutely no interest in pottying. it’s causing major strain around here. i may just have to go old-school and decide he is going to do it, whether he wants to or not. the only thing is, i really wanted to see what’s wrong with his system before “forcing” the change on him. he still has chronic dia. every day…i could use prayer about this situation.

poor Jace is on his second day of a fever. Jamin’s only lasted a day, Joe never had one, and Jeremiah’s first is today. so if he’s not feeling better tomorrow (and his fever isn’t gone) i’ll be calling the dr. he is still so darling, but he’s in misery. 🙁

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