Stop Growing Up, Already!

Stop Growing Up, Already!

josiah is already trying to pull himself up to stand!! he keeps doing it today! he almost was totally up when he toppled backwards earlier.

he LOVES his puppy. he and kc seem to be the best of friends. does being a brown-eyed boy somehow ensure you’ll be an animal lover? check it out for me, mamas, and get back to me. 😉 i got a video of him playing with kc today. it could be that kc is more patient and understanding, or it could really be that josiah likes animals more, but they sure get along better than jeremiah and kc ever did. and i’ll tell you what, josiah has NO FEAR of kc. he’s not shy around him at all.

when jeremiah isn’t being nice to josiah, josiah will not cry. he just looks at him as if to say, “oh yeah? well BRING IT ON, BUBBY!” and he always looks at jeremiah with adoring eyes. he wants to be just like his brother. i pray they don’t compete too much because man i don’t want competative kids fighting with eachother all the time! i’m glad they won’t have to fight for our love though. we love them each the same amount. 😛

what is it with second-born children that they think they need to be so advanced? is it that he wants to catch up to his bubby, or what? i tell you, i want him to stop it! where is my little baby?!?! at this rate i’ll be wanting to get pregnant again next month! 😛

jeremiah has been SO CUTE and loving to josiah today. it is so pricelessly adorable. i got a picture of it today, but i don’t think it’s very good. 🙁 i think he likes him more now that he seems less of a lump and more of a kid, ya know? 😛

i did end up getting some pics in the gallery last night. jeremiah’s birthday pics are up, but not from his party. i need to rename them first.

that’s it for now. have a great weekend! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Stop Growing Up, Already!

  1. The older Josiah gets, the more fun they will have together… And I hate to tell you this, but even if they aren’t competitive, they will argue sometimes… *shrugs*… It’s just a fact of life! 😆

    Since me and my siblings outgrew it, I am assuming my kids will someday too… I hope! 😉

  2. mamagibson

    Hey my brown eyed boy is much more of an animal lover than my blue eyed boy if that says anything. Also I noticed you do not have the link to Melissa Snow’s site anymore is there a particular reason. I liked to check in once in a while.

  3. Meesh

    Too cute! Watching them grow up is so fun….
    An animal lover? What a cutie.

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