Still Gluten-free

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I just wanted to post an update about my gluten-free eating. It has now been nearly 2 months since I started my “experiment”. I’d thought it would be a short-term thing, and I’d thought I wouldn’t be able to do it.
However, once I tripped up a few times (some accidentally, some purposely) I realized that I have a real problem with gluten. And lots of things that didn’t really make sense before fell into place. All the times I had major rashes/hives for no explainable reason, all the irregular heartbeat scares, chronic fatigue, major mood swings, unexplainable tummy issues, the time my lips actually swelled up…These are all symptoms of an allergy. I am fairly certain (as certain as I can be without a test) that I’m allergic to gluten, or wheat. I’m not sure if I have gluten intolerance or a wheat allergy or even if I have celiac – I know that I need to get it checked out. Now, if I’d had each of these symptoms each time I ate gluten, I’m sure I would have had some sort of clue, but they didn’t appear at the same time.
As for the diet aspect of it, I immediately noticed a difference with my tummy. It doesn’t get huge and bloated after I eat. I think something in wheat is like a sponge and just expands as soon as it’s in me! I haven’t lost a lot in pounds yet, but I’m fitting into many more pants – ones I had in a sell-pile!
So all that to say, I plan to stay off gluten because I hate how it makes me feel. Josiah is still gluten-free, although I am allowing him cheese and sometimes ice cream, and Jamin is the same.
It will continue to be a real strain on our budget, I know. Why the world thinks gluten-free things need to cost twice as much as gluten-filled things is beyond me!
Anyway just had to post an update about that, for my own records as much as anything.

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