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Starting a “Cute Quote of the Day”

i am copying my friend julie’s idea of posting one or two cute things that the kids say or do. hopefully, this way i won’t forget all of the BEYOND adorable things jeremiah and josiah say and do. 🙂

i was looking at a baby name book, and jeremiah asked to see. i asked if he wanted me to find his name, and he was very excited about it. i showed him “jeremiah” and told him that book said jeremiah means “exhalted of the Lord”. he shook his head quickly and said, “NO, mama! it says jeremiah jugowski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” LOL. i said he was right, that that was HIS name, but his name MEANS exhalted of the Lord. he didn’t quite get it. 😉

happy new year, everyone!!!! may 2007 bring many blessings for us all!!!!!!

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