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major moodiness
food aversions
food cravings (and the need to give in)
not hungry when i should be, suddenly famished when i shouldn’t be
ultra-sensitive smell
stomach crampiness & bloated feeling
very tired/exhausted feeling all day
gaining weight (which could be connected to the giving in to cravings LOL)

breasts growing
just “that feeling”

yeah, that’s what i thought. but i have six, count them SIX negatives. 😕 so what ELSE could be wrong with me?????????????????????????????????????????

please pray for me!!!!

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  1. becca

    It could still be pregnancy– I got three negatives before a positive with Addie. Maybe you could go to the doctor and get a blood test (Erin actually tested negative even when she was seven months along with Riley). I’m still holding out for good news. 😉 I’ll be praying!

  2. nikki

    hmm..those sounds like pregnancy symptoms….if you’re not pregnant, it could just be something hormonal. I go through some of those symptoms when I have PMS. I crave sweets ( I usually don’t care for them much) when I have PMS and I can go from nice to grouchy in the blink of an eye LOL..

  3. amyjo

    That sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me too, but didn’t you just have your period? Wouldn’t it be too soon to have symptoms? I never had any symptoms that told me I was pregnant, so what do I know? The first thing that told me I was pregnant was the positive pregnancy test, so I guess I don’t know how soon symptoms would begin.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Carol

    That’s me during pms, except for the smell and not hungry when I should be. I hope you get to feeling better.

  5. Rob

    You want to be pregnant…this could make you notice those symptoms, which can occur normally.

    Just to be on the safe side, have your doctor check your fasting blood glucose.

  6. Julie

    I have no idea… But here’s hoping we can do a pregnancy together again…

    My cycle should be starting any day now, and then we can start TTC again… I am praying the baby aspirin helps!!!!

  7. mamacastleberry

    Oh, how frustrating! I’m in a holding pattern over here. I still haven’t had a cycle yet since giving birth but I began having symptoms (cm, etc.) and decided to take an OPK. Well I’m now on my 5th day of a +OPK. VERY +. Soooo am I always going to have an LH surge?? Am I an alien?? I’ll tell you what, please be in prayer for me and I’ll certainly be in prayer for you. Patience is a very difficult virture isn’t it, dear sister?? *sigh* My love to you and yours!!

  8. Manda

    How are things going? Any confirmed news?

  9. TammyG

    I so miss coming by…I’m sorry it’s been so long.

    So we’re wanting #3 huh? I wish you luck…and much patience. My 3 are a handful (just read my blog…you’ll see) but your patient and loving (not that I’m not) and I know you’d be able to do it.

    I hope we can catch up soon!

    *Big Hugs*

  10. Meesh

    Hmmmm….I feel that way when my fiance leaves his undies on the floor and his snotty kleenexes under the pillow.

    But hopefully yours is for a better reason!
    We will be TTC come April/May.

  11. Jen

    keeping my fingers crossed for you

  12. Kay

    sure sounds like pregnancy symptoms to me too! 😀 Maybe you can go get a blood test? Is it too early for a pregnancy test maybe? You can still have symptoms. I had tender breasts even before I missed my period, but most pregnancy tests only show a positive until after you miss your period!

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