don’t tell jerry, but this is the card i’m making him for father’s day:

happy father's day!

i AM taking orders! Mr. Green just email me or comment about it!

one card (folded card either blank inside or with text inside) is 3.50. two cards that are identical EXCEPT for words (ie: happy father’s day, daddy, happy father’s day to the best grampa) are 5.75 for the set and three cards that are identical EXCEPT for words (ie: happy father’s day papa, happy father’s day grandpa, happy father’s day poppy) are 8 for the set.

also if you want a t-shirt, you can get a t-shirt with a matching card (text can be different) for just 17.95!!!!

all of those prices are not including shipping. i would have to charge actual shipping and some for handling.

note that i am winging all these prices right now – i don’t have any of these choices on the site – you have to order in multiples on the site and i don’t even offer folded cards on the site right now.

anyway yes as usual trying to make money somehow. 😉 (tho i don’t know why i bother – most of y’all are digitally gifted too!)

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  1. That is the sweetest thing! For Father’s day two years ago I took a photo of Ryan and new baby Josh and had it framed in a nice “Children” frame. I’m going to do it again this year with all three. Guess this time I’ll have to have my mom or someone help me get them to stay put for the photo! I think I’ll also write a poem and frame it for him for “Fathers.” I did it for our anniversary a few years ago and recently for a friend’s baby for her baby shower.

  2. AWWWW.. Jerry will love it and treasure it forever! These are lovely pictures Jenn!

    You know, every time I see Josiah’s beautiful smiling face – I remember the STUPID comment some foolish person made when he was younger – that he was not as cute as Jeremiah, wasn’t as pretty a baby – something like that. I remember how it hurt your heart as you confided that pain to us, your friends. And it hurt mine too, when I read it. The fact of the matter was and is – he’s a very very adorable little boy! (They were a BLIND FOOL! LOL!)

    My own mother in-law sat on my front porch when my Zachary was only 6 months old, and she said “He’s ugly!” YES… my adorable baby Zachary – she called him ugly! GRRR .. it took everything in me to keep from punching her lights out! (snicker) Instead, I gritted my teeth and said “OH, you are SO WRONG! He’s my prettiest baby yet!” She nervously replied “no, he’s ugly, but most babies are; he’ll outgrow it!” Ooooh, that woman’s cruel comment will be with me forever – and it was such a lie.

    On that day when you shared the similar cruel comment with us, your readers, my heart went out to you.. I understood what that felt like. But girl – we.. you and me have the LAST LAUGH… because our boys are ADORABLE!! And just get cuter every day!! 🙂
    Zach had his senior portrait made on Thursday. In about 3 weeks we will get to see them! I’ll make sure to post one as soon as I can! 🙂

    I just can’t help but think of that insane and thoughtless comment, every time I smile back at beautiful little Josiah’s sweet face!

    You’ve got some beautiful boys! (And I got eyes in my head – I know!)

    You hang in there girl – try not to let the financial weight that continually presses, to overshadow the joy and precious blessing your heart has received, in the gift of your 3 boys!

    Bless you!
    who knows well, both the struggles and the blessings.

  3. The card’s adorable. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to gather up pictures of their children for you to turn into a card (or T-shirt) like that.

  4. Father’s Day is NEXT Sunday, right? For a minute I was sure it was today and I missed it. Had to check Google.

  5. Oh Jenn.. I loved the card… it’s beautiful.. I would of ordered one from you but I just went and bought a card for Vince and his dad 2/$1.00.. I’m having to cut corners right now..we’ve had some things comeup unexpectantly.. on top of our normal money crunch in the summer months for all 3 kids birthdays…. but if I’d had the money I would have loved to have you make a card so lovely as the one Jerry’s getting.. He’s going to LOVE IT!!!

  6. That’s fabulous!! Your boys are so adorable. I have a feeling that’s a card that will be treasured. 😀

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