setbacks, frustrations, just babbling

setbacks, frustrations, just babbling

well this has been a really interesting couple of weeks.

1 – homeschooling. it has been a rough time trying to homeschool. i know if i were a more organized individual it would all be fine, but i am not getting anything done, including homeschooling. we were considering putting jeremiah in public school, and (no offense to anyone) the thought was terrifying to me. i called around the Christian schools, and there is NO WAY we could afford them. i mean, even if my parents went halve-sies with us we still couldn’t afford it. so i was truly about ready to put him into school. then i went back to a thought that i’d dismissed in the past: k12’s Hoosier Academies. it’s a hybrid school – 2 days in the classroom, and 3 days at home. the curriculum is provided, as is any help from teachers if the parent needs it. a friend at church is a teacher there. i am actually excited about everything, except for the driving! it’s about a half hour drive. i’m still trying to figure this out though so we’ll see what we come up with. his semester starts feb. 1.

2 – gas leaks. we have had three gas leaks in the past two months. two outside, one inside. the inside one was paired with one of the outside ones this week. we had to go to our nextdoor neighbor’s house while the gas co. looked at it. it was very scary and i’m thankful i smelled it and that we are ok!

3 – sold extra van. anyone remember the van we were gifted a few years back? when the couple gave it to me, the wife said “i hope this is a blessing and not a burden for you.” ever since then, it has honestly been pretty much a burden. things kept going wrong, it was very hard to get the kids in/out of it, one thing after another. in order to qualify for food stamps, we finally we sold it to my parents for a few dollars, in hopes my dad could sell it. well, he finally did! we were so amazed and felt so blessed to have this money to help us out! now we think that it was God saying, “here, you guys are gonna need this soon.” (more on point 5)

4 – 3/4 boys sick – vomiting, dia. josiah is the only one spared – he is full of energy, totally himself. jamin seems to be the worst-off. please pray that they heal quickly. i may have to take them to the dr if it doesn’t clear up soon. jerry and i are also not feeling well, but the vomiting hasn’t hit us (please pray it doesn’t!)

5 – pothole, resulting issues. this is the biggie. the other day, jerry hit a pothole. the tire was blown. he tried to get the tire off to no avail. he had it towed to get it replaced, but they couldn’t get it off either! he had to leave it there overnight, resulting in a missed night of work. he had to wait until today to take it to another place for them to remove it. it took several men 3+ HOURS to get it off, so what should have cost very little ended up costing a lot. and they said “oh by the way, sorry man, the rim is destroyed” oh really? great. thanks so much. so we thought it would be 55 more bucks. still a lot, but not awful. well, when he got back over there, he was told that was the wrong price, that it was actually 110, but they’d drop it to 90. wow what a steal! so we are out 400 and some odd dollars. AND the brakes are going to go out at any moment. this means who knows when we can pay our house payment, i have to transfer money out of the newly created boys’ savings accounts, and it just stinks.

pardon my pity-party. i am so frustrated right now! i realize how blessed we are and i’m so thankful for all that we have and all that the Lord does for us. it just seems like we can’t cut a break. please keep us in your prayers.

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