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Not all of these are technically series, but I separated them so they wouldn’t fall into a category’s trap and get lost. 😉

Coming soon:

Men after God’s Own Heart


Blogging through Music

Music and writing are two of my passions, so I put them together to come up with this. I take my favorite or most meaningful song at the moment and write what it means to me.


Encouragement for Imperfect Wives

Encouragement for Imperfect Moms
It might be crazy, depressing, sad or hilarious, but one thing you’ll know: it’s honest. When I feel like a failure and bare my soul, it usually falls into Encouragement for Imperfect Moms (formally the Imperfect Mom Confessional).

 Biz Kids
A series to help kids’ businesses and products get recognition they wouldn’t otherwise receive.


Business Connection
A series to help friends’ businesses and products get recognition from a wider audience.

Book reviews, product reviews, event reviews – pretty much anything goes! 🙂
And we’re always thinking of other ideas…

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