Reloaded coupons and SavingStar news!

Reloaded coupons and SavingStar news!

{This is a quick post about coupons, kind of a teaser to the couponing series I’m planning. 🙂 }
The coupons have reset. This means any that you printed last month can be reprinted, if they are up again. Click here to print from my site!
Coupons have also reset from Redplum by Valassis.
If you’re not a member of Saving Star yet, now should be the time that you join! Saving Star lets you download digital coupons to your account. If you have a store that uses a shopper rewards card (like Kroger and newly added Kmart), when you purchase the item with the digital coupon attached, they put into your SS bank account the amount of the coupon!
For example, if you click on a coupon that says $1 off 2 packages of hot dogs at Kroger, and you buy two packages of hotdogs, your Kroger card will let SS know, and when they do payouts, you’ll get that $1 back, put into your SS account!
Once your SS account reaches $5, you can get a payout – whether with paypal, a Walmart card, or an amazon card. It’s really like you’re making money to shop!
But that was the old way, the way I’ve been using it for a couple years. At the end of July, they rolled out something totally new – you can now also get SS cash back from other stores that don’t use a shopper’s card! New included stores are Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, WinCo and Meijer.
So now if you go to Walmart to purchase those two packs of hotdogs, you take the receipt, scan with your SS app (google or itunes), and it goes to your SS account, just like if you’d used a shopper’s card at Kroger. How sweet is that?! You’ll be amazed at how fast that account can reach $5.

Looking for other places to print coupons? Check these sites out:
CommonKindness is a super cool place that lets you download hard-to-find coupons for organic, natural and other high-cost products while at the same time helping out your favorite organization!
Mambo Sprouts has coupons for great organic products. (Tip: you can even sign up for their coupon booklet to be mailed to you! But hurry; they have a limited number of these.)
Earth Fare customers can print coupons here. Note that they do say for use only at Earth Fare, but they are manufacturer’s coupons, so most stores should accept them.
If you have a Whole Foods Store near you, check out their exclusive coupons here.
Hopster has high value coupons for different companies, and they have a twist: if you earn points by completing tasks on the site (such as liking facebook pages or signing up for newsletters), you can get an even higher valued coupon! Oh, and Hopster has an app that you can copy your receipt and email it for extra points.
General Mills’ Live Better America has some great coupons. You do have to register an account here, but it’s worth it, in my opinion.

Stay tuned for the first in the couponing series!
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