Random Cute Quotes

Random Cute Quotes


  • “do you want to be fireman mama, perchance?”
  • after dropping a car on his toe, i asked if he was ok. “yeah, i think so…but i really  want a cactus lightning.” (he has been asking us for this particular lightning mcqueen. jerry and i burst out laughing that he is being so relentless!)


  • carrying the accordion, he asked jerry and me “do you want to do a polka??!”
  • there’s a quote in the movie home one the range that we say often (“where are the parents?”), and jeremiah was looking for his pants, so i was saying “where are the pants?” and i also said “you know, like ‘where are the parents’?” josiah said, “i don’t know, but i found one parrot!” presenting us with a toy parrot.

jerry has been feeling so much better on his new medicine. we are making sure he takes it regularly and he’s doing so well. please continue to pray for him.

3 thoughts on “Random Cute Quotes

  1. I’m glad the new meds are helping Jerry!

    The boys are so cute and funny! *lol*

  2. HeatherBell

    Don’t ya just love little boys?!!! Glad you’re enjoying them!

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