Pregnancy Portraits!

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WOW! i got the link for the pregnancy portraits from monday!!!
please note there ARE some bare belly pics.

link expired 🙁

oh and now i’m wondering why i said the birth story is exciting…lol…everyone is so anxious to hear it now! it’s really not EXCITING, it’s just…different?

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  1. Julie

    Any birth story is better than none! *lol*

    I’m STILL mad at myself for going to bed early!!! (I had stayed up LATE the night before, reading 😉 )

    Off to check the pictures!!!

    Love ya! I am soooo excited for you!

  2. Julie

    OK… These are WONDERFUL!!! I’m so glad you got them done!

    I love the close up of Jerry and your belly!!!!

  3. nikkiana

    Those came out great! I really liked E5 of the boys, and P18 is such a sweet picture of Jerry!

  4. Jen

    i love them! wow they did a lot of shots. was it expensive? picture people was soo expensive, and didn’t take the best shots : /

  5. Julie

    How are things going??? How’s Jamin??? You home yet???


    Love ya!

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