Pray for the Snows

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Curtis went to the hospital with chest pains. He’s fine, it is just from stress. Hospice is involved now in Melissa’s care and they are going to be starting her on an IV. Her stomach is starting to shut down and they are trying to help her get through Christmas. She won’t last much longer, but they wanted the girls to have one more Christmas.

Please remember to lift the whole family up in your prayers. This is an especially hard time for all of them, it’s no wonder Curtis was having chest pains.

We know Melissa will be joining our Lord soon. It is Curtis and their kids, especially the older girls, who need the most prayer right now.

I just can’t believe this time is finally here. I am in tears and praying. PLEASE pray for them this weekend. PLEASE.

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  1. Kay

    I am praying for this family! I hope Melissa will be able to hang on to spend one last Christmas with her family! What a sad story 🙁

  2. Kay

    Me again, Jenn! 🙂 Forgot to wish you a Merry Christmas yesterday, so…Merry Christmas!

    I continue to pray for the Snows and will light a candle for them before Christmas Mass tonight! Please keep us updated!

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