Pray for Another Stranger

Pray for Another Stranger

just got this on an email group i’m in:

My mom sent this today, He was born between the girls and is 2. He is the grandson of Karen, who I work with-the blond short lady. He started a temp about a week ago and they kept taking him to the doc (his father is a doc too) and it would go down and then go back up. And they couldn’t find what was wrong, maybe a virus. Anyway, about three days ago his temp went up, he became lethargic and they took him to the hospital. They ran all kinds of tests, found that his platelets were very very low and did more tests. Yesterday his platelets dropped to 10, which is extremely bad because platelets cause our blood to clot. They were going to run tests for cancer on him, but before they could, they rushed him to xray and found he was bleeding in the brain. Which is what can happen when the platelets get so low, the very worst thing that can happen. Anyway, today they did emergency brain surgery on him, he is in a coma and they can’t do any more for him. Remember, he is only 2 years old.

Now it is up to God because they don’t know what is wrong. They can’t even test his bone marrow yet.

And his mom is due next month with their second child, who they just found out is breech.

So, this family needs a LOT of prayers.

We have added Jackson to almost every prayer list we know of. So if you can add him to yours, we would greatly appreciate it.

Karen can’t even bring herself to go in his room to see him. He is her foruth grandson and the only one that she is extremely close to! She is at the hospital all the time now.

I can empathize with her. To see your grandchild, especially that young, helpless…I never want to experience that!

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