Portrait Session

well the portrait session is over! i can’t say it went well, but the end results were pretty good. i bought more sheets than i’ve ever bought anywhere! lol. i got the online version, but for some reason they aren’t up yet. crazy thing is, it says it may take up to 14 business days to see them online. UM HELLO, the photos will be in on the 18th! crazy crazy. i just wanted to show you guys! we got one of the family (it was hard to get!), several of jerry, me and belly, one of the boys together, and two of josiah (for his 2 year pics). i will post them as soon as they show up on the smiles site.

anyway, what didn’t go so well, you wonder? josiah was at first in a very good mood. jerry came separately, so we decided to do josiah’s two year pics first. well, he was happy, but not cooperative! he kept moving as soon as the girl was done posing him. part of it was her fault – people need to know that kids move fast and they need to take the shot when you can!! sigh. then when jerry got there, josiah and jeremiah were both grumpy (i think poor jeremiah was feeling left out that he didn’t get any pics alone 🙁  now i wish we’d at least taken one of him by himself, even if we didn’t buy it, ya know?) and not very cooperative for the family pics. while jerry and i changed shirts, they started on the just boys pics. josiah was NOT happy. the lady finally got him to smile, and the pic of them is really cute, even tho jeremiah is slumping LOL. the part with just jerry and me went fine – it felt so strange tho. the poses were awkward a lot of the time. but most of them turned out really cute! i really am annoyed i can’t show you yet!

it felt so great to see so many old “faces” on here last night! i’ve missed hearing from you. 🙂

today, contraction-wise, was pretty slow. i have had quite a few throughout the day – some were even really hard, but not close together at all. the biggest change i am noticing is my hormone levels. oh my goodness i am just a mess, nearly all the time right now. i’m trying to figure out if i went into psycho overdrive near the boys’ births! wed. is my next check-up, so i’m going to make sure to ask him: how big jamin is, what i’m effaced, of course what i’m dilated. i’m also going to take him my birth plan, and ask him, if he’s not delivering anywhere at the time, which hospital would he prefer i go to? i know i would like to go to johnson or community if it’s up to me…st francis (where i had both big boys) is ok but now they have so many extra rules – you can’t take laptops in there for one. i’d really like to go to a new hospital so i can see how things compare. i am pre-registering at community online. 🙂

i think that’s it for now…please keep the prayers up! i actually felt a LITTLE better today physically – so i think you were praying for me. thanks!!!

2 thoughts on “Portrait Session

  1. Boy, you are pre-registering late… Or maybe I’m just pathetic! *lol* … I had my paperwork filled out before I was 2 months along (on all 4 kids!), and as soon as I hit the 3rd trimester, those things were mailed in! 😆

    I CAN NOT wait to see the photos! Bummer that they aren’t there yet!!!!

  2. I can’t wait to see the pictures! Where did you get them taken? I’m getting Jenna’s pictures taken on Saturday. I hope it goes smoothly! I guess it just depends upon how long we have to wait!
    Hang in there!

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