Please Vote for Jamin’s Pics!

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i have entered his pics at magazine site, it’s for a cover baby contest.
please vote on his pics – who knows, he just might win!

you can do two things – you can rate it, with the stars, or you can recommend it. i think recommending it is really “voting”.

i hope to get a new real post up soon. i have been trying to limit my online time a lot, and i’m sorry my blog and blog pals are suffering! i really want to get new pics on here, and blog hop some. we’ll see.

i’m working on a new kit, even though my other one hasn’t sold ANYTHING. 🙁 i am determined that i won’t put the new one up for sale until the other sells to at least one person. the new one is going to be kind of patriotic though, so i hope i can get it out soon. i think i’m going with the name “american all-star”.

ttyl – have a great rest of the week!

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  1. nikki

    I’m going to go vote now!

  2. Julie

    Hope his picture wins!!!

  3. Carol

    That’s such a cute picture. I voted the other day and tried today but doesn’t look like it’s letting my vote count cause I keep getting an error. I hope you win, that would be cool!

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