please pray (again)

please pray (again)

jamin’s eye is fine. it actually looked normal for the portraits on monday. thank you so much for your prayers!!

i had a great birthday on the 18th. it was one of the best ones in a while.

so why am i posting another prayer request? well jerry and i made some VERY stupid mistakes in the past few days and two of our accounts are majorly overdrawn, mainly because of insane overdraft fees. please pray for us to scrape the money together to at least close these accounts.  Pray Frustrated Sad Cry

thanks and hopefully i’ll have a positive post again some day soon. Frustrated Sad Cry

3 thoughts on “please pray (again)

  1. Uhg. I missed your birthday!!! … I need to go write it down in my ’08 calendar, so I don’t forget next year.


    Don’t you hate overdraft fees. About a year ago Joe’s grandma sent Amanda a $10 check for her birthday, and we deposited it, and then spent the money… She accidently wrote it on a check from a CLOSED account, and it bounced… And we were overdrawn… And we didn’t know it right away, and ended up getting dinged with 2 OD charges of $35 each. *sigh* So Amanda’s birthday check cost us around $80 (that we didn’t have).

    Hope you get things cleared up soon!!!!

    Love you!

    P.S. You should go read Amanda’s version of Jingle Bells… Too cute!

  2. P.S.S. We switched our cell phones to a new provider. The guy told us that all our contacts would switch over to the new phones… But they didn’t, and now I can’t get back into the old phone to get them (highly annoying) and I lost them all… So, can you send me your number again???? Thanks!

  3. momatpeace

    Oh.. that can be so frustrating!!! A real sense of being overwhelmed.

    I just prayed Jen!

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