Playing Catch-up

it’s been a few days again. how do i remember everything i wanted to say?? ugh.

first of all, i have selected my CT. i’m very happy with them! first of all, there’s julie. thanks for being my first CT julie, old pal! i have added cindy, carla, janie and cissie. welcome the BLESSED BEAUTIES with me! 🙂 i’m really looking forward to seeing all of their layouts.

the other day, josiah and i went to wal-mart alone to get some shopping done. at first, he was in the cart (it’s the kind that holds two kids), then he wanted to try walking. i told him i would give him a chance, but he had to stay right with me. he was doing really well walking with me, until the bread aisle. he started getting antsy. while i was looking for the right kind (only aunt millie for us!), he started climbing on the cart. i warned him that if he did it again, he would be strapped into the seat. turned my back, he did it again. “ok buddy, get into the seat.” i was like 2 feet away from him. he RAN down the bread aisle, to the women’s clothing section. i watched him for 5 seconds, my mouth hanging open. when i snapped into gear, i started dragging the huge cart along with me, looking for him. FTR, jeremiah has “run off” before, but i have known right where he was, and just hidden from his sight to see how long it takes him to find me. he really doesn’t like not knowing where i am, and will start calling for me almost immediately. josiah, on the other hand, couldn’t have cared less where i was. 🙁 i was calling him, no josiah. i left the cart, with my purse, looking up and down the women’s clothing aisle. no josiah. i thought surely i would hear him (he’s not a quiet boy!), but i didn’t. after about 5 minutes (probably a lot less, but it felt like an eternity), i asked some sales associates what i should do, and they asked me to describe him, then they sounded the “code adam”. by this time i was in a near panic. i picked up my purse and started running everywhere, often showing a sales associate josiah’s picture (i had my photo purse with me). i really didn’t know how many people worked at a wal-mart until that day. they were EVERYwhere looking for him. finally, they found him and told me to meet him at the customer service desk. when i got there, he wasn’t there, and i started freaking again…a minute or so later, he came behind me with a male associate. josiah was carrying a bunch of stockings. you know, the kind that come in the little containers like the little toys in the coin machines? he was happy as a clam, and didn’t act like he’d missed me at all. he kept saying he was finding these “coconuts”. don’t ask me how they ended up being called that, because i don’t know! i held him in my lap and tried hard not to cry. i was so thankful he was ok, there was no way i could scold him! i told him i was so worried about him, that some mean man could have taken him and hurt him. to that, he replied, “but no mean man took me and hurt me, mama. a NICE man took me to you!” SIGH. as you can imagine, we are not allowing him to walk when we go anywhere. he will be seatbelted in the cart. this is indefinite. 😕 he has really been having good days lately, then one or two really out-of-control things pop up. he is such a sweet boy. please pray with us that he will learn to listen and obey. sometimes we are so scared that he’ll really hurt himself.

jeremiah said something in the “new” van last night, when we were coming home after taking it for a drive (oh i haven’t mentioned that yet, have i?! well it will have to wait until tomorrow). he said, “this is fun. and i know what fun is! fun is going for a ride.” LOL. he’s so cute.

jamin is growing like a weed. i cut his hair the other day. he seems so different!! he is ready to walk, i know he is, but he’s a stubborn little thing. i don’t think he realizes how much fun it will be once he’s walking. lol. he is so cute…he says “juice” now. there are a few other words, but i can’t think of them at the moment. which is why i need to keep up with blogging better. i don’t want to forget these things! argh!

oh, one last thing: i’m trying to “get on” at faithsisters, for their design team. i have zero votes so far. if youlike my minikit, please join at faithsisters and vote for my mini. pretty please? if you love me? 🙂 thanks!

love ya!

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  1. I’m SO GLAD you found Josiah! I would have been so scared!!!! I think I would have been bawling the entire time… These little ones keep us on our toes, huh? *sigh*

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