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Pizza at the Park

we picked up pizza to go and ate it at the park tonight. the guy said there had been NO delivery calls made so far, and he wanted someone to call for a delivery. he didn’t get paid enough not to deliver. at the park, mainly jerry and i ate it. the boys were having too much fun to be bothered with eating.

when we got home, jerry asked where the pizza was. i said i don’t know…you didn’t leave it on the top of the car did you? we both rolled our eyes because that’s exactly what he’d done.

later, the boys were in the tub. there was a phone call. jerry got off the phone chuckling and relayed the conversation to me:

“we found your pizza box in the middle of the road and we wanted to make sure everything  ok – we didn’t serve you bad pizza or something did we?”

“oh no, we were at the park, and i put the pizza on the top while i put the kids in the car.”

“i saw it in the air, and didn’t know if it went off the top, or if you were throwing it out the window at us cuz it was bad.”

you don’t think the guy was still bored, do ya?

4 thoughts on “Pizza at the Park”

  1. momatpeace

    Oh My Goodness… that’s funny!!

    Only 50 days to go — are you ready?? Ü

  2. jenmiller

    ROFL — that is too funny.

    love you! 🙂 *big hugs*

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