Imagine being trapped alive under the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center Towers. For hours you shout and scream until you have no voice left. No one hears your cries for help. You feel all alone and scared. Your tears begin to dry up. Your emotions fade away into the darkness. Fear is overtaken by emptiness. Hope is consumed by hopelessness. The darkness weighs heavier and heavier upon you. Your body grows limp as you surrender to your fate.

But in that very moment you suddenly hear movement above you and VOICES! You muster up enough strength for one final cry for help. “I’m here! Please, somebody help me. Help me!”

The voices grow louder. Dust settles on your face from the rocks above. Your heart begins to pound as you hear the sound of rock and metal being tossed about. Within a few short minutes, you suddenly see the most beautiful sight you have ever seen. A tiny speck of light streams down into your darkness. The speck grows and grows, blinding you with its brilliant light. It’s so bright you have squint your eyes allowing them time to adjust. Then you hear a voice call out to you, “Ma’am (or Sir)? It’s OK. It’s going to be OK. We’re here to rescue you. Just remain still. We are going to pull you out.”

Imagine the overwhelming rush of emotion. Imagine the unspeakable joy. No words to speak. Just tears and overpowering love for your rescuers. You were dead but now…now you are ALIVE!

That darkness within that huge pile of rubble is the fate all men, the result of Adam’s curse. The heavy weight of the this fallen world, the unbearable sorrows, the immeasurable suffering–whatever your particular rubble might be, Jesus hears your cries for help. He wants to pull you out of the darkness. He is calling out to you from above the rock and twisted metal that plagues your soul. The question is…will you respond to His voice? Will you cry out, “I’m here! Help me, Lord!” If you will, He is faithful. He will pull away the rubble and shine His brilliant light into your darkness.

God loves you. He doesn’t love you for what you can be but who you are, scars and all. Right now, wherever you are, whatever you have done and no matter what you think of yourself, He loves and adores you. If you call on Him, He will rescue you from the pit of your despair. He will comfort you in your time if sorrow. He will blanket you with His love and peace. Just trust in Him. He will answer. Don’t let the darkness overtake you. Call upon the light. Whatever you do, don’t give up. There is hope. His name is Jesus.

**Note: Please don’t mistake this as saying once you accept Jesus, all will be perfect and dandy in your life. You will still experience pain. You will have heartache. You will face troubles. But you won’t be going through it alone any longer. And you’ll be ALIVE.

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