Two Parenting Tips Today…Numbers Four and Five

Parenting Tip Number Four

As parents, we will sometimes make mistakes (gasp!!).
In fact there will be times when we outright sin against our child. We can lose our tempers, be impatient, say hurtful things and sin against our children in various ways.


When this happens, it is imperative that we ask their forgiveness. This not only restores the relationship, and helps avoid bitterness in our child, but it shows them that we love them. It shows them that our relationship with them is more important to us than our personal pride (which should not be important to us in any way, shape or form).
The humility of asking forgiveness is a godly example to our children.

Parenting Tip Number Five

To put it plainly, the parents are to be in charge of the home, not the children.
The Bible is very clear about this.
This is a very simple and biblical concept, but often, especially in today’s society, it is not practiced.
Our children are very loved and very welcome members of the family, but Dad is the head of the family and Mom is “second in command.”
Our home should be God-centered, not child centered. In other words, the parents are in charge, weighing every decision in light of God’s Word.
We moms tend to especially struggle with this. We hate to see our children disappointed or unhappy. But we need to be careful not to allow our child, or teenager, to run our home.
Obviously, suggestions from them are welcomed, considered and prayed about. And, as our kids get older and more mature, they can often be an integral part of the decision making. But ultimately, Dad and Mom make the final decisions, based on God’s Word.
No parent likes to see their child disappointed or upset, but if we are confident we have made the right decision for them, and for our family, we should not allow our child’s sadness or anger to sway us. We should not allow our child, or teenager, to manipulate us into doing what they want.
While it may give them temporary satisfaction, we are harming our children greatly if we allow them to “run the show.” That is not how God ordained the family to operate, and nothing good ever comes from going against God’s way of doing things.
On the flip side, we shouldn’t constantly be saying “no” just to show we are “in charge” or because it is more convenient for us. If our kids ask for something that Jeff and I can say “yes” to, we do so gladly.


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Kim Stilwell has been married to her best friend, Jeff, since 1987. They have five children, Joshua (1992) who has been married to Alissa since 2013, Joseph (1995), Josiah (1997), Jessica (1998) and Jennifer (2001), as well as eight children in Heaven, all of whom died before birth. Kim was a missionary kid who grew up in Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Peru. She met Jeff, also an MK, at a missionary school in Peru. Immediately following their wedding, they attended college in Iowa and have lived there ever since. Kim is a full time stay at home, homeschooling mom. In her spare time, she likes to write, and has a column in the NICHE newsletter.

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