Make the Bible the Center of Your Family’s Life

Make the Bible the Center of Your Family’s Life

I hope you were able to read Tip Number One from yesterday. It lays the foundation for this tip.

Parenting Tip Number Two

Make the Bible the center of your family’s life.
Simple ways to incorporate it:
Read the Bible and pray every day together as a family.
As soon as your children can read, have them start their own Bible reading and prayer time.
Let them see you reading the Bible and praying.
Read a verse from Proverbs before each meal.
Help your children memorize Scripture. Make memorizing Scripture part of their daily routine.
If you homeschool, Scripture memory and Bible reading should take priority over all other subjects.
Talk to your children about the Lord and His Word throughout your day.

I am so thankful for a husband who makes the Bible our “family textbook.” Instilling God’s Word in our children is his highest priority. The fruits of this have been so sweet, as we have watched our children grow in the Lord over the years. God’s Word never returns void.

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