sorry it’s been so long

i’m sorry i’ve been away so long. i’m really still not feeling well. this med is wreaking havoc on my body! i feel sick to my stomach, have a huge headache and my mood swings are totally out of control!!!!!

also i have been working on one of my other sites, we are redoing the design and everything and i’m working on tons of new content that is greatly needed!! if you happen to take a peek at it, please don’t judge it on its current look – i know it looks bad. it will look totally different hopefully in the next two weeks. staying on that same subject, i am asking you all, as lovely Christian mamas, for articles. i have a bunch of ideas and i just want each of you (if you want, of course) to write an article for me. i have several themes that you can write on, and if you want to write on more than one that would be fabulous!!!! i would of course give you copyright credit and link to your personal website if you would like.
here are the themes, all Christian in theme but you don’t have to talk about God if you don’t want:
wanting to breastfeed but being unable to;
co-sleeping or not co-sleeping;
stay at home parenting;
discipline, including spanking and spanking alternatives (keep in mind the site believes spanking is a godly choice);
cloth diapering or not cloth diapering;
family finances;
Christian marriages;
raising godly children;
raising teens;
raising a son (the bond between mother and son);
raising a daughter (the bond between mother and daughter);
about your husband as your child’s father;

i hope you will help me out! if you want to write something, just let me know. if you already have something written and wouldn’t mind me posting it, please send it to me. 🙂 use my contact form to let me know and i will email you back. 🙂

have a great day – please continue to pray for me and conceiving 🙂

God bless you,

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