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good morning all! jerry stayed up WAY too late election night and i TOLD him he was going to hate himself in the morning, but of course he wouldn’t listen. so he felt so awful yesterday he called in to work! 🙁 blah on him. of course i can’t sleep when he’s not in the room, so i tossed and turned all night long until he came to bed, and didn’t get up until 9:50! he got up at about 10:30! so he stole the computer from me once he was up so he could work on my website – not this one, – if you hadn’t noticed, it really really really really needs a facelift. it’s looked exactly the same since february!!!!!!!!! besides the look of it, he is writing ALL NEW CODING for it, so it can be 100% made by us, and no one else! we are happy about it…i’m just a bit impatient about getting it up! lol.

anyway that’s my excuse for not being on yesterday.


Do you believe Guns should be controlled by our government? If not, why? If so, how much control should the govt. have over guns? Should guns be illegal?
i know this is very touchy on both sides of the fence, but this is what i believe: i believe there should be some control by the govt. where guns are concerned. i KNOW it’s people who kill, not guns that kill, but people kill while taking drugs and drinking alcohol – it doesn’t mean these things aren’t dangerous. it is a travesty to hear of some child shooting himself because his daddy didn’t lock up his gun.
i believe guns should be legal but there should be gun locks that are CHILD PROOF and there should be penalties to parents who leave their guns out where children can get them. do NORMAL parents leave sharp knives lying on the kitchen floor so their baby can pick it up? NO! then why should a normal parent leave a gun in a plain sight and easy to access place for a six year old?!
i think it’s one of those common sense things. if parents would have more common sense, there would be no need for a law concerning guns. but hey, that’s the world right.


well i’m going to visit people – oh wait, i have a poem. it’s a cute one 🙂

MaryJane’s Thanksgiving
Author Unknown

I’m thankful for a lot of things;
I’m thankful I’m alive.
I’m thankful that I’m six years olf,
Instead of only five.

I’m thankful for my dolls and toys,
And for my kitty gray;
I’m thankful for the big outdoos
Where I can run and play.

I’m thankful for the things that grow
The apples, aren’t they good?
The corn where we played hide and seek,
As in a little wood.

I’m thankful for the pumpkins round,
Just like a golden ball,
And jack-o-lanterns big and strange
They don’t scare me at all.

I’m thankful for Thanksgiving Day,
For pies all in a row…
I’m thankful Grandma made them sweet,
She knows I like them so.

I’m thankful for the turkey, too,
How brown it is and nice!
And I’d be very thankful, please!
For only one more slice.


i had a bump – i tried to change the batteries in my keyboard and when i did, the keyboard stopped working! lol. i finally found the reset button and now it’s up again LOL.

so i’m off to do my daily reads 🙂

God bless!

3 thoughts on “ttt”

  1. Hi Jenn…I finally got some blog time! Yay! I’m sorry about t
    Hi Jenn…I finally got some blog time! Yay! I’m sorry about the situation with your friend. I can’t imagine how it must hurt. I hope the Lord uses that for His glory in your life. I LOVE the pic you did of your doggie! GREAT job! The whole site is neat. Well, you have a nice week, Jenn! Hugs~

  2. Hi Jenn! Just poppin’ by to check up on my new friend 🙂 Than
    Hi Jenn! Just poppin’ by to check up on my new friend 🙂 Thanks for poppin’ by & for your comments on my tag board. I was SO encouraged by Twila Paris’ testimony…. in fact… you wouldn’t believe HOW similar we are. My hubby, after we were married was also diagnosed with "chronic fatigue" like her Jack was… and then later, they finally diagnosed Doug with some unknown form of hepatitis… Twila’s hubby was diagnosed with Hep C… and then the baby thing… only difference was they were told not to try & we’ve been trying our brains out – hee hee. I’m so glad to be an encouragement to you in your journeey… I mean.. we HAVE to find some good in this… right?? 😉

    Wishing & praying you don’t have as long on this journey!!

    Do you have MSN, Yahoo or AIM? Maybe we could chat "live" sometime if you do!

    Hugs xoxo

  3. Hi Jenn *HUGS* Thank you for the sweet letter!! It is special w
    Hi Jenn *HUGS* Thank you for the sweet letter!! It is special when you can do your own stuff and say it’s mine!! I’d love to be able to make all my own graphics, but there are so many talented folks out there and with all the pages I have I’d never get enough graphics made *L* The gun issue…hummmmmm…wish they’d never been invented!! I will say We have both a handgun and rifle!! The government could regulate until pigs really do fly but the bad guys will always find a way to get around them and the rest of us will be the ones to suffer!! There are laws for parental responsiblity in some staes not sure if all states have them and there are some wonderful locks that fit inside around the trigger complete with key, but there are just some that probably think ‘it’ll never happen to me’ and at some palce in time we read their child either shot himself, or a friend or even his/her parent(s) or went to school and killed several!! Maybe if instead of trying the kids for murder they tried the parents they’d be a little better about keeping their gun secure!! Sounds pretty stiff but it would be an attention getter!! That’s all my sermon *S* Thanks for sharing your views!!

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