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please note the new section in the sidebar. it is reserved for extremely important prayer requests. not that i don’t think all prayer requests are important, but ones that are extremely urgent and serious. does that make sense? if anyone has a prayer for me to post, please leave a comment for me at any time. God moves and works to answer our prayers. where two or three are gathered, there God is also.
please note that melissa’s site is updated by her friends, her dh, and also herself when she feels up to it. i am not going to be copying and pasting anymore, unless i feel it’s necessary, since you can all check her site directly. the link will stay in the sidebar, so you can have easy reference.

we are going to our family portrait appointment today. it has been cancelled or rescheduled four times. LOL. this time there is no more time to put it off, so we WILL be going. hopefully jerry will be able to nap when we get home, because he will not have gotten enough sleep.
guess what? i can’t find jeremiah’s shirt ANYWHERE. seriously. the shirt that matches josiah’s is nowhere to be found. i have searched all the dirty clothes, all the clean clothes, the closets, the floors, everywhere. WHERE could it be? the only place i haven’t looked is in the van, as i can’t imagine why it would be there.

i wanted to let everyone know my tooth ‘hole’ is feeling much better. i am taking only 2 ibuprofin, when the pain feels throbby. not bad, compared to four ibuprofin every 6 hours. please continue to pray that it continues to heal!!

my 30th birthday is on sunday. i can’t believe it. it seems so old to me. i don’t feel like i’m going to be 30. i still feel 19. lol. i’m forever 19 in my heart. 😉 sunday will also be a year since i found out about josiah. hard to believe, isn’t i??

i want to apologize for neglecting all my friends once again. i have been horrible about reading blogs as well as responding to emails. please forgive me. i am so busy with the boys, and add to that store busyness…i have discovered a lot of people are last minute purchasers. me included. LOL.

well i need to go hunt one last time for jeremiah’s shirt, or find something else to replace it.

God bless and have a great day!!

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