Caring Bridge & Small News

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a dear HK sister put up a caring bridge site so that everyone not able to view HK could keep up and pray. please feel free to link to it anywhere you want – so people can be PRAYING.

someone who doesn’t have access to update the caring bridge, or at least not yet, posted this on the board:

I went to see Melissa tonite. She has such a beautiful spirit. I am in awe at this wonderful person and am so blessed to have her in my life.

Melissa seems to be doing a smidge better tonite. Curtis said that her eyes were bright again. She talked a long time with me about Isaac. She said that God must truly have something special in mind for him because He gave his name to Melissa several years ago. She has a job to do in raising him to be a Godly man and she takes that seriously. She said a whole bunch more but I am not real good with getting words outta my head and thru my fingers…or mouth for that matter. Embarassed

The children came today and visited her. Melissas sister held Isaac right up under Melissas chin and she snuggled and just enjoyed being able to smell his baby smell for about a half an hour. Melissa arms are weak and she cannot hug her children. That just breaks her heart. She told them that they would have to hug her twice. Melissa was worried how the girls would take her condition today when they saw her. They all did wonderful. Molly (Ithink) sang You are My Sunshine to her Momma. She asked me to tell ya’ll thank you so much for lifting her in prayer. She also would like if you could pray for her about not being able to hug her babies. She said ya’ll have Mommas hearts and would go before the Lord with a Mommas heart on her behalf.

Curtis needs a lot of prayer. He is trying so hard to be strong for Melissa. He told me tonite that he has no more tears, he just hurts. He goes to his truck and just sobs but there are no tears. He is hurting deeply. This man loves his wife so much. I am in awe when I watch the two of them together.

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